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You have to experience Limbo for yourself. 0

          Very cool game. Really neat puzzles and awesome visual style. It's definately worth buying. If I were to say that games are art Limbo would be my first example. It's really something else.             The excellent use of foreground and background really gives you a sense of being lost in an otherworldly realm. The  lack of music and use of creepy sound effects is great. Every second of the game, from start to finish has a perfect atmosphere. The ending is great too.             The ma...

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If you like videogames then you must buy Red Dead Redemption! 0

          I gotta say RockStar has done it again. They have even managed to top GTA4! But first let's get one thing out of the way. The game does indeed as you would expect have some open world jank going on. However it's pretty minor stuff in the long run, it's never caused me to lose any progress or get frustrated. I've found that the checkpoint system is much improved over GTA 4 as well. I never had to sit through converstations more than once or repeat the same parts I just beat.            ...

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Alpah Protocol comes pretty close to being a really cool game. 0

          First of all the shooting isn't great. It's certainly playable but not up to par with ME2 or Splinter Cell. The game doesn't look horrible or anything, the visuals are good enough for me although there is a lot of screen tearing. It's a bummer you can't customize your dude more. I like the story and the RPG stuff though. Choosing new skills and buying gun upgrades is fun. The choice system is cool in concept. It actually tells you what differences your choices made at the end of the mi...

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