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@lanerobertlane said:

I think it's become a lot clearer that users don't use the site in the way that staff think they do, which to me is weird. I'd have expected that they had analytics for that stuff.

I agree 100%. Things I come to GB for:

  • Quick looks of games to find out if I'd want to buy and play them
  • Reviews of games (which is obviously coming to an end)
  • New release list of games coming out (This list is the most accurate I can find online thanks to the community)
  • E3 coverage (games + commentary)
  • GOTY (Videos and articles)
  • Shows (Deadly sims, etc - not all though, some I'm not interested in)
  • Participate in discussions on the forums.

Every single one of those things above is now harder to find, consume, and enjoy with the redesign. Add to that poor design implementation (jittery animations of the main menu for example) and it's no fun to come here anymore. They leaned into the Netflix style of site, but that's not what GB is all about. They need show pages, not just go to the last show (which sometimes doesn't even go there). Carousels on those pages go backwards. They've hidden all the info that people want to know (who posted it, what games are connected to it). It makes me so angry that this is what Giant Bomb, both the fans and editors, have received. They deserve better.

The wiki, podcast, videos, etc should all blend seamlessly together. I should be able to come to the homepage, see what new content has been posted (not just videos, but in the wiki, releases, and forums) and go from piece to piece effortlessly. Here is a scenario I want to be able to do:

I land on the homepage and check out all the new content posted (both editorial and community). I see there's a new Beastcast, so I click it. There's a spot where there's links to the wiki pages for games they talked about in the episode. I see one of the games I'm interested and go to its wiki page. There I read about it and also see there's a quick look. I go to that and watch the quick look of the game. I go back to the game page and notice that it's also on someone's top 10 list for past GOTY. I read their list and see another game I'd like more info on and go to that wiki page. There I see they've started a series playing it so I go to the series page and start at the first episode. After a couple of episodes, I head to the forums to talk about it.

Imagine trying to do that right now with the current site. You just can't, and the parts you can, are clunky. Giant Bomb is sitting on a treasure trove of data, games, and a loving community. It should be embraced and showcased.

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I don't get the argument that a white version is hard to do. From a visual perspective, you're already removed gradients, rounded corners, layered borders, textures, shadows, etc. The new site is essentially black and grey square boxes with white text.

From a technical perspective, you can use pre-processors to do text adjustments on background colors: (article is for Sass, but same concepts for less). The rest should be themed based with global variables. This has been common practice since 2015.

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What’s next on the feature list?

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I think the most disappointing thing is the lack of transparency of what’s going on behind the scenes now. How much do they want to change? What’s on the road map? Can the community be involved in helping with direction?

Instead of talking to us, it’s just radio silence and the occasional tweet with change log. If this was a game, the GB crew would be railing on it. It feels like no mans sky the website: hyped, missing features, bugs, and the devs are silent.

Honestly, it makes me want to cancel my membership. I can’t find premium only content anymore, there’s a big ad on the homepage, and it doesn’t seem like the voices of the community are being heard. After 10 years, I’ve never seen GB make this big of a misstep.

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@johnsolo any new updates coming?

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@johnsolo You're the hero the we needed!

Any chance you can make it have the old logo and old favicon? That would be awesome.

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Can we get a response from @danauer and @wcarle please? It would be nice to hear from them that they're listening, some items on the roadmap they plan to both fix and tweak, and so forth. Maybe @rorie can go find them?

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@johnsolo: would you mind posting a little tutorial on how the extension is coded? I’m thinking of taking a stab at some things and doing a PR.

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@wemmick: The reason I outlined all the number of steps to get to the latest quick looks wasn't because I didn't scroll down on the homepage. I want to make sure you (and dev team) were aware that if a user attempts to find the latest quick looks through the videos page that is what the experience is now. I want to make sure the development team understands that this is just one of the many issues that makes the user experience not as good as it was previously.

honestly, I'm most confused why wasn't used to do user testing with obviously willing participants of the community to find and address these issues before going live.

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@wemmick: It's not about the number of items in the carousel. It's that the user experience is not nearly as good as it once was. So here's a list of questions that need be asked to the UX team:

  • Why does it take so many clicks and scrolls to get to the latest quick looks?
  • Why does the order of quick looks start on the earlier ones instead of the latest?
  • Why is "Strange Brigade" the video that is presented when I click the link for the QL shows page, it's not the latest?
  • Why are newer videos in the carousel to the right instead of to the left?
  • Why are the videos not in chronological order, latest being first, for grid view?
  • Why is it when I switch to grid view does it start on me on page 7?
  • When I click the drop down to switch pages, why can I only go up to 5 and down to 9?
  • Why were the descriptions, who posted it, and timestamps removed?

Now go here:

  • The title and video description are presented even if the video is playing
  • The video thumbnails are in chronological order, latest first.
  • The video thumbnails show comment count (bug in the current version)
  • The video thumbnails show the length of the video (missing in the new version)
  • The thumbnails have the title, who posted it, and description (only title in new version)
  • The pagination clearly shows which page I'm on, how many results there are total, and let's me jump to the end if needed. (This is more intuitive that new version).
  • I'm able to pin the video and continue browsing while watching the video (removed in new version)
  • I can "embiggen" the video (removed in new version)

This is what I'm talking about when I say the user experience is not as good. All of these things contributed to making watching videos and browsing the site feel good.