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@swordstruck said:

I know you guys don't like hearing this, but the old design had so much more personality and polish than the current site. Obviously the latter comes with time, but how far down the roadmap (if it's on there at all) is the general look/design of the site? From the font treatments to the shadows, gradients, etc. the old site was 10000x better, to the point where right now it feels like we're navigating a template.

The new home page header is a massive step in this direction. I used to love how uniquely GB the site used to look, but this new redesign made it feel like a very by-the-numbers modern site, with all of those pitfalls.

The new header looks great and adds a lot to the "feel" of the site. I'm really looking forward to additional touches of personality in the future. Maybe some more red highlights?

100% This. More of this please @danauer !

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@wemmick The new header promo looks nice. The gradient sidebar is a nice touch.

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Who else here is ready to kick the tires of the next Schlooter?

Details on what's in it:

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@wemmick So how bout that old.giantbomb eh? if that's a no, can you at least shed some light on why you guys came out of beta when you did?

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@wemmick said:

@theadmin: Most of the things you're pointing out are things we're working on because they are the primary navigation paths. Once we get things sorted on those core pages and elements (Nav, Home, Episode, and Videos door), then you shouldn't need to look to the Shows page to address those needs.

Why did you guys launch out of beta before those core pages were sorted out? Seems like you could have avoided the headache of listening to me and the rest of us if it was still in beta longer or we had an option to use the old site while you worked on it. Give us an and we'll leave you alone to what really is still a beta into the full release.

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This doesn't make any sense to me. Let's look at the old site navigation:

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First, search is much more prominent and is actively encouraging you to use it. But if you're looking to find what's new under a video category or show, the videos had them listed in the drop down. The new menu has just latest and shows. That's it. The site videos page has no filtering on latest or shows. How did you expect people to browse for stuff? You also pushed the search to the upper right and sort of hid it out of view, when it used to be center and much more prominent. Shows is now the ONLY way to browse through the different categories of video content unless you know a specific name. It's the reason why I asked to count clicks. Not because someone can't search, but to more illustrate how difficult it is to browse to recent content such as quick looks added late last year.

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Now let's look at the videos page. There was no actual individual video player page, the videos page was one and the same, but it was auto sorted by latest (with it being to the left), and the ability to filter by category, and as an added bonus, the ability to search just for videos. The other benefit was that you could toggle between the comments or the other videos, which meant that they didn't have to have one under the other and the sizing wasn't as much of an issue. The video information was also prominently displayed whether the video was playing or not.

So since you removed this page, and essentially created an individual video page, the context you added below the video is only to what the video's category or show is. meaning there isn't an easy way to just look at everything in a given category or show besides going through the clunky carousels under one of the videos. This is why I was saying that the in-between video listing page, especially for shows, is needed. You essentially removed the "browsability" by making the only place to do so the homepage, but once a video isn't there anymore, it's not easy to find it later unless you know specifically what it's called and can search for it.

So let's start with a simple use case:
I'm a user who hasn't visited Giant Bomb in a few months and want to catch up on all the latest quick looks they've added. What's the intended way a user is supposed to do that?

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@wemmick Here's a fun little exercise:

Starting from the "Shows" page, how many clicks does it take to get to the "Below" quick look (both carousel and grid view)? Now do the same thing from the official GB YouTube page - how many? Spoiler: this site should be faster/better. Seriously, actually count the clicks - I think you'll be surprised.

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@wemmick you had said: "Well, it's the Latest videos, so the sort is kind of build in. I'm not sure what kind of filter you'd want here. A search would do the same thing as the main search. Interesting concept with bringing carousels to that page - we'll think on that."

You're correct, it's already sorted by latest, but let me also filter by type or show (quick look, premium, etc). Don't make me go to the shows page, click on quick looks, go to the episode page and then hunt through the carousel. Just let me filter right there on the latest page - convenient and easy.

Search should just instantly show/hide the current view to what I'm typing - instant local search of the latest page. So if I type "die another friday", it shows just die another friday videos sorted by latest (most recent top left).