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Giant Bomb Puzzle: PLP-15C-0NF

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For those at home, if you enjoy puzzle levels check this one out and the few others on my creator profile!

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@benpack: I'm going to make one, but honestly I think I'd enjoy it more if you beat my level than get totally stumped by it.

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Chrome, latest update. Can't reply to anyone in the chat because all I have the option of is to report.

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@danauer said:

@theadmin: You're right, there's a lot of moving parts here. There's some updates we have lined up that changes things site-wide for colors, especially in all the text. There's more updates that focus on modules specifically – like the carousels. This stuff is going out iteratively, so definitely keep an eye out. We're making sure to avoid big, monolithic changes for a myriad of reasons but that means these early updates might have some inconsistencies.

Also I could've sworn I've asked about persisting the grid/carousel choice. I don't have a definite answer for ya but I'll absolutely bring it up.

Doing things iteratively makes sense, but only as complete thoughts. Releasing parts of pages/features sucks for the end user. You're asking us to re-learn the UI again and again.

On another note, let's talk about the header, specifically the animations and dropdowns.

They're bad. The menu animations are slow to open and if you mouse-over another item on your way to the open menu it closes. When going to search for something it's way over there in the right hand corner, which means I usually pass by the other icons with my mouse which then quickly flashes the screen. Then with the search open, if I want to change the search type I have to scroll to the complete opposite side of the browser to change it. Go look at the header on They solve these issues by making search open and accessable. They also solve the dropdowns by having a timer on before it closes/changes so if you open the games menu but mouse past movies, it doesn't instantly close and then start to open that one. That's how it should work for this site too.

Also on GB, if you open the account menu and then mouse over to the notifications menu, the menu should stay open just the content should change.

These are the kinds of experiences I'm expecting when I pay for premium. Yes, I'm paying for the great editorial content, but I'm also paying for a great user experience to enjoy that content. Think how much time and effort went into the design previously, like the Andre embiggen button. It's a small thing that went a long way in giving the site the identity and polish it deserves. Premium members expect that attention to detail and polish to continue, even as those who did them move on to other things. I, along with other members, are frustrated in losing those things, and in getting a site that feels like it's still in beta and we're the testers.

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Typography. Typography everywhere.
Typography. Typography everywhere.

Hey @danauer not sure if this is a bug, but it looks like the fonts are kinda all over the place. The updated dropdowns (which are now in 3 different styles - black, white/clear, small) read at heading size. Plus it's a little confusing with the pagination so close with the thumbs when there are a bunch of them. There's a lot of white space that doesn't help anchor the sections.

My suggestion would be to make the dropdowns the black again and put them by the arrows and have them be the same height, which is where people will most likely be putting their mouse to move through the list. Then give the carousels/grid a heading of "More in this series" to even out left/right side. You should move the buttons such as download into the bottom of the info panel, then the context is clear that it relates to that specific item. I'd also suggest a divider line between the related vidoes and the comments, or better yet, move them to a tab like system where I can call them up if I want to read them.

Lastly, can you please please please make grid/carousel a choice that stays as I browse?

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I know the design is not a top priority and pages with more content look better but, oh boy, the video page of a new show is a great example of how the new website lacks it's own personal character and feels like a soulless and unfinished generic template with buttons and text randomly placed.

Again, I know other pages don't look like this and I understand Giant Bomb is just one of the sites the team is working on. But I felt like this was a really great example of why most of us feel like the new site is a step down.

Not to mention that it's very difficult to see which are links vs just regular text in the description box.

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probably a bug: the video player doesn't match the width of the content below it - the panel is not wide enough.

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@wemmick Can we get an estimate of when the rest of the items on the fix list will be done? Are we looking in the next few weeks? months? Also, can you please allow us to set grid/carousel view as a toggle that stays? I like to use grid much more and that would be wonderful.

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So did you find someone? Will they be joining the podcast?