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Portland, Oregon

So I replied to a couple comments on the Gone Home trailer page and had some pretty fun banter about Portland and the 90's and one user sent me a link to the Portlandia "Dream of the 90's" video and it always makes me smile because Portlandia is shockingly accurate in it's depiction of P-Town. It just made me smile a laugh a little just thinking about it. I love Portland and Oregon :D


P4 and me

I think Persona 4 may be my all time favorite game. I'm at the epilogue and preparing for the true ending and I just know that I'm going to miss everyone and Inaba, heck, I'm getting a little teary eyed just knowing I have to say good bye to everyone really soon. But seriously, there's almost nothing I don't like about the game and I'm super glad I had the chance to play it, or rather, I finally got around to playing it.


So I was on IGN....

Which may have been my first mistake, but I found an article about the PS3 shipping more worldwide than the 360, granted it was only by 1 million units, however I made the excellent decision to scroll to the comments section. So, I just have to ask you guys, are the console wars still a thing? Because apparently the IGN users think so. It's kind of depressing and hilarious at the same time to see. Anyways, that's all for now.