Favorite Games

A list of my favorite video games

List items

  • Best game of 2007, in my opinion.

  • Played it first on my Intellivision in 1986. I own 4 different versions of it now.

  • The classic that got me REALLY hooked on video games in the 80's.

  • Yes, this is an entire franchise. The Legend of Zelda franchise is what has always kept me coming back to video games. As long as they're made, I'll be playing.

  • I've only played the PS2 version. I wish they made more games like this. Sadly, the average gamer is too shallow to enjoy a game like this.

  • Great franchise. Humor and lots of cool weapons. What more can you ask for?

  • Yeah, I know it's kinda cheesy. But I never claimed to be a hard core gamer. Or maybe you just need to be THAT hardcore to dig this sort of game.

    Think about it.

  • Who would have thought that if you combined 2 different franchises that I could honestly care less about and have no emotional attachment to, it'd become one of my favorite franchises?

  • The first and last FPS I enjoyed.

  • Romero type zombies. A large, funtastic mall. A shower head can be used as a weapon/drainage device.

    What's NOT to love?

  • Another classic that I played the hell out of on my Intellivision.

  • One of my all time favorite Sega Genesis/Mega Drive titles.

  • Somehow they topped they first game. What they took out of it, they replaced with pure gaming gold. Amazing game.