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The Aftermath of Shepard's Refusal. (SPOILERS)

I present to you the aftermath of Shepard's refusal to go along with the plans of the Catalyst.

And thus, realizing that they were on their way to destruction and had no chance to survive, they made their time. All their base were belong to the Reapers. All seemed lost. But....hope springs eternal.

Centuries later, a highly advanced race known as the Zig got signal from Dr. Liara T'soni. As the main screen turned on, the amount of knowledge contained within allowed them to know what they doing. Moved with new purpose, every Zig took off for great justice. Their mission: Destroy the Reapers, who were being led by the AI "Cats."

In a fierce battle amongst the stars, war was beginning. The Zig fought bravely, and were able to set up Reapers the bomb. In the end, every last Reaper was destroyed. Peace reigned in the galaxy at long last.

The Zig looked towards the future, thankful of the sacrifice of the one called "Shepard", that allowed them to achieve victory on their own terms.