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Why Your Favorite Game Sucks.

 In this paragraph, I discuss your favorite game, making sure to note just how popular and successful it's been. After stating that, I begin the process of explaining to you why your favorite game is actually quite terrible. 
 In this paragraph, I begin to construct my argument. I make note of something about the game that, while not necessarily bad, offends my sensibilities. Therefore, it's bad. Subsequent paragraphs continue this trend of pointing out things that also offend my sensibilities, therefore also making them bad. Mixed in with the various paragraphs about things that offend my sensibilities (aka bad things) are snippets of things that are actually bad in both design and execution. I won't spend too much time on these, however. 
The argument completed, I will then dedicate one final paragraph to slandering the name of your favorite game, and those responsible for it's creation. Then, I will release the document into the wilds of the Internet, ready to be read and discussed by the community at large. And by discussion, I am referring to profanity laced, condescending posts that attack various aspects of my personal character, such as intelligence, hygiene, and sexual preference. 
Many other arguments against your favorite game will be posted by other members of the community, usually in the manner described above. And usually met with the same responses as the first. This chain of events will eventually spawn discussions that mock such attempts at educating the ignorant masses, which will also be met with the same responses as the first. 
And thus, the Internet is sustained by the bitter tears and righteous anger of young men and women the world over. The circle is closed. The mission completed. All is right with the world. 
And your favorite game still sucks. n00b.