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You know you want to, Rare...


  I know you feel in inside of you, Rare. Even as you sit there and plug away at your workstations, making little Xbox Avatar outfits and cute little Kinect games, I know it still tears away at your insides. Sure, you sit there and tell us "We don't need to revisit the classics". But you know, deep down in the pits of your souls, you can still hear this song.

 Some nights, as you sit there working late, you glance into the empty halls, and you can swear you see the sight of an alluring young woman, clad in green skintight PVC and thigh high stilettos, tonfas in each hand. As the sweat pours down your face, you're almost certain you hear the woman say "My body is ready, Rare."  You shudder for a moment and blink, and as your eyes return to the woman, you find she has been joined by an eclectic assortment of ninjas, mutants, beasts, and an Indian chief. Again, the mantra is chanted. "My body is ready, Rare." Frantically, you shake your head, believing it's all just a bad hallucination. You look again, and the figures have vanished. You are left alone. Alone with your Avatar clothes and unsold copies of Grabbed by the Ghoulies.

 You can't deny them forever, Rare. No matter how much you and Microsoft try. Capcom, SNK,  and Netherealm Studios have heard the call to arms, and they have answered.  Why, then, do you hesitate? This is your destiny. Now is the time.

 They are ready.
 We are ready.
 Do it.

 Unleash your Killer Instinct once again.