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Pigeon's Resident Evil Recap: First to Worst.

As the title states, this is my personal, completely biased listing of my favorite Resident Evil games, in the order which I adore (or abhor) them so. As I have yet to play Operation Raccoon City or Mercenaries 3D, they do not appear on this list.


List items

  • My absolute favorite Resident Evil game. Chris and Wesker settle their differences in the sweltering heat of the African plains! Loads of BOWs, upgradeable weapons, tense encounters, and D.C. Douglas hamming it up! This also contains my favorite version of the Mercenaries mini game.

  • Out of the two RE games that released in 2012, I feel that this one did a better job of catering to the two separate camps that comprise the series fanbase. The Queen Zenobia, and it's BOW infestation, are appropriately moody, while the action is fast and fluid. We also get the privilege of watching Parker go Stan Hansen on a poor Ooze's face. LARIAT-O!

  • As sacreligious as it will sound to some folks, the RE series was growing quite stale for me by the time this hit shelves in 2005. Mikami-san's new approach to the series was a much-needed shot in the arm in my eyes, and it still remains one of my favorites to this day. Hey...where else can you argue with a man-child midget about scripts for five minutes?

  • Out of all the 'old-school' style RE's, this one still remains my favorite. I really appreciated the reworked visuals, as well as the new twists and turns compared to the original. Crimson Heads are still just as annoying. Grenade Forest is still just as irritating. And Hunters still make me nervous.

  • The other half of 2012's double RE whammy struck a sour chord with quite a few publications. Despite this, I came away from the experience more satisfied that I expected to be, although I do believe the game was a bit too ambitious for it's own good. I greatly enjoyed the overlapping plotlines and the art direction. And the BOWs presented here are some of my absolute favorites. However, I will also say that I was disappointed with the removal of weapon upgrading and having certain weapons locked to certain characters. I also felt that the QTEs were a bit overused, and completely unnecessary in some parts, such as the subway in Leon's story.

  • This is when Resident Evil really started to take off. Although this style of gameplay hasn't aged too well in my eyes, this game still holds plenty of memorable RE moments that I'll always look to relive.

  • The Nemesis is a pretty bad-ass BOW, and I really loved not having to press a button to go up a flight of stairs! Branching story paths and ammo crafting was also pretty neat.

  • I have no shame in admitting I enjoy the formerly Wii-exclusive RE 'shooty-mans' waggle wand games. Because nothing brings me more joy than pumping a BOW full of lead.

    And hearing Krauser cry like a little baby.

  • Same as above. Swap out Krauser for more D.C. Douglas Wesker speak. Which will always entertain me.

  • The multiplayer oriented experiments on the PS2 were actually quite entertaining, provided you had the right people playing.

  • See above.

  • While the game has aged quite horribly, I still enjoy a runthrough every now and then. If only to hear STAWP IT and HAY JILL.

  • Now we enter the lair of my least favorite RE games.

    Gaiden was a weird little goose. Sure, I got to run around as Barry, but the RPG-Lite trappings and out-there plot just didn't gel with me. But I did get a kick out of how all the zombies sounded like Morshu when you killed 'em.

  • Ah, the big Dreamcast RE. This one really disappointed me. It came off as a cheap, lazy cash in by Capcom. Rockfort Island was a bore, Steve was annoying as all get out, and the gameplay seemed to take a step backward from the innovations found in RE3. Watching Chris get manhandled by Wesker was one of the few high points for me. Chris has those muscles now for a reason, folks. And this was it.

  • The one thing that really turned me off about this game was the shitty AI partner mechanic. It felt WAY too much like babysitting for me to get any enjoyment out of it.

  • The Survivor/Dead Aim games sit at the bottom of the barrel. These were just a bit too 'out there' for my tastes. Not to mention Dead Aim's antagonist is one of the worst in RE history.

  • See above.