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The Uncomfortable List of Irritating Bastards

Seriously, I just want to punch them in the liver.


List items

  • His hard on for Claire, inconveniencing at times.

  • "Why don't you go talk to a wall."

    Why don't you go talk to my FIST!

  • This asshole right here. Him and his CRASH lackeys were always screwing with you.

  • Jesus, Bison. What a stupid idea for a host body!

  • An arrogant, elitist little crybaby that's obviously compensating for the fact that he can't really cut the mustard as a mage, and as a potential BF for Mia. I mean, he betrays you so he can run around in a giant robo-chicken outfit! Twit.

  • She's like one of those high school girls that's just SOOOO into being quirky and KAWAII that you just feel uncomfortable the minute she walks into the room.

  • One of the reasons why Silent Hill 3 is my least favorite in the series is because of how Heather's character was portrayed. I really can't get behind somebody that forces all that 'snotty teen angst' down your throat. But I mostly blame that on the writing. And I'm going to stop there.....

  • Fuckin' retard thinks his parents are a fully furnished apartment. Also gives you a doll that causes your item chest to be haunted for the rest of the game.

  • Resurrects bad guys and nukes the shit out of you in nothing flat. Shithead.

  • "Aye, me boyo! Me wife 'n boyo! Would you kindly, boyo?"

  • Look up the definition of 'snake' in the dictionary, and you'll find his picture next to it. Marston was no saint, sure. But at least he was honest about it...


  • Complete. Backstabbing. Dickhead. YOU DON'T FAKE WITH DRAKE!

  • Those damn knives and slide kicks!

  • See above.

  • One of the stupidest villains ever. Tries to give birth to a baby by eating it.





  • Horny, brown nosing bitch.

  • Pwucks! Ooh! They think they're so smart!

  • World's Worst Mom!

  • No, she ain't a girl no more. She's a woman...CAUSE SHE JUST RAPED ME!

  • <jumps>

    <gets hit by Medusa Head>

    <falls down pit>


  • Never trust a clown.

  • Another no good turncoat. I HATE DEM BACKSTABBERZ!

  • She's like a racist Rue McClanahan.

  • You're gonna help me save these poor, innocent people and you're going to FUCKING LIKE IT! SO STOP BITCHING! AND LEAVE POOR ALISTAIR ALONE!

  • Worst. Fighting game character. Ever. Fanservice for the sake of fanservice. Mai? No buy!

  • The new MK has helped me realized just how irritating he can be, sometimes. YEAH, JADE 7 HIT COM...oh, super armor.

  • I appreciate what she did in the end....but Jesus, she needs a Valium, or something. I'm NOT going to set school children on fire, Nix!

  • Dude, you're treading dangerously close to Tobias Bruckner territory.

  • Like, all of them. Seriously.

    For the last time: I'm not interested in turning into a mindless, bloodthirsty mutant.



  • Thanks to Bioware deciding to go all Wachowski Brothers on the Mass Effect community, what should have been a cause for celebration has turned into a giant cluster fornication.

    Now we've got a bunch of fans waving around a bunch of JPGs and mailing out cupcakes because they feel cheated and NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THEIR PAIN, a bunch of fans calling the other guys mental retards because they didn't get how BRILLIANT THE ENDINGS WERE, and Bioware themselves falling victim to their own hype machine and going all Peter Molyneaux.

    To their credit, they are releasing free DLC that will hopefully shed more light on things. They're still on the shit list for giving me a headache, though.