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There's No Need To Fear! (Maybe)

Not when some of my favorite protagonists are on the scene! Of course, it all depends on who shows up...

List items

  • Rips and tears away at the huge guts of Satan's foul legions!

  • Eradicates entire extraterrestrial invasion parties shirtless!

  • See Bill Rizer.

  • Eradicates entire extraterrestrial invasion parties, but not before breaking up fights, solving petty disputes, and banging the yeoman!

  • Eradicates entire extraterrestrial invasion parties with the help of a crowbar and a PHd in fancy science stuff!

  • This swinging mama is outta sight! When H.A.R.M. comes calling, she's first to fight! Hoo Hoo HEE HEE!

  • Eradicates entire legions of undead while securing medication!

  • Eradicates entire legions of undead while riding inside chocolate helicopters!

  • Saving the world with nerves of steel and sex appeal! NOW IN NEW 'VULNERABLE GIRL TRYING TO SURVIVE' FLAVOR!

  • Pretty much does everything!

  • Fights off megalomaniacs with cool gadgets, cardboard boxes, and ass tight suits!

  • Kills the petty gods you worship, and your neighbors because they got in his way!

  • A lethal COG soldier who's also a star athlete and a certified operator of locomotives!

  • See Lara Croft.

    Add witty reparte and ohnononONONONONONONONONO!

  • Will work the most demeaning jobs for the sake of his daughter/sister!

  • Fastest gun in the west! Also gives pony rides to stranded travellers!

  • Like Father, like son! Works the hell out of those damn nags!

  • Killah Priest!

  • Killah Thief!

  • Slingshots a fucking jeep into a bunch of hapless troops before parachuting off a cliff and hijacking a plane, then crashing the plane into an enemy fortification before grappling off a radio tower and parachuting into the ocean below.

    Guy keeps busy.

  • Bustin' heads. Jumpin in 'n out of beds!


  • Changes his hairstyle and clothing, and pisses of his most ardent followers!

  • Feet guns and spandex made out of hair and witchcraft. And boobs. What's not to love?

  • Lord knows I'd pile drive every criminal in the city if MY daughter was kidnapped. HEEEEYEEEAAAAUUUUUHHHHH! THOOM!

  • Kills mobsters and speaks in metaphors!

  • To clarify: The hero or heroine of every main Elder Scrolls game. Why? BECAUSE IT'S ME! (AND YOU!)

  • Equal parts adorable and versatile!

  • God damn it, HE's TRYIN' HIS BEST!

  • Solver of crimes! Killer of the homeless!

  • Wartime correspondent and expert on the undead. Also a snappy dresser.

  • World's Best Dad!

  • Now that's some serious firepower!

  • He's an alien ass kicker with womanizing tendencies. But I really can't argue with a man who makes good on the threat of ripping your head off and shitting down your neck. So....grab them titties, Duke! You earned it!

  • Fuck BOWs. This guy's the worlds most dangerous genetic superweapon! PRESS A TO HAYMAKER BOULDER.

  • The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

  • These FUCKIN' LIPS!

    (kudos to whoever gets it)

  • He really stepped his game up in inFamous 2. I'm impressed, Cole!

  • A girl who fights her imagination with a giant pepper grinder and exploding jacks? I'm down.

  • Kills dudes with bad ass martial arts prowess and copious amounts of manliness.

  • He can't read...but he can fight!

  • Ex-Yakuza who runs an orphanage and kicks the snot out of Kamurocho's criminal element. Mad respect.

  • He might not be a plumber, but this is one Italian who certainly knows how to 'clean shit up'.

    Wink wink nudge nudge.

  • He put up with Ashley's stupid ass all throughout the events of Resident Evil 4, so he gets big up's in my book just for that. Of course, it helps that he's a total bad ass.