Games I Played in 2015

I grow increasingly convinced this list will mostly consist of games released in 2014 or earlier.

List items

  • We are born of the Blood.

    Made men by the Blood.

    Undone by the Blood.

  • Man, playing this game at 60Hz on PC is mind-blowing. Holds up really well!

  • Chaos! Does not run as well on PC as I thought, even after turning settings down. Might be CPU limited, and my old i7 870 is finally showing its age.

  • Game is cool. Forget all the guns, put all your points into sword and sword magic. Way totally awesome.

  • I've never really gotten into city-builders before this, but Skylines seemed to be the thing I wanted it to be. Some obnoxious road stuff, but whatever.

  • It's a real good one-of-those-games. Shame about the PC version! I'd like those issues fixed, but it sounds like they won't be until the end of October at this point. I'll finish it when it's back on sale.

  • This game's okay. I dunno. It's a big checklist of things to do, which is nice to just chill and listen to podcasts or whatever. That's basically how I played Just Cause 2, so it works for me.

    I haven't finished it.

  • This game is neat. I feel like I have to be halfway through the story, but I haven't gotten the 50% achievement yet so... Some real bullshit fights as a solo person against tag teams, but it's forcing me to learn how to play. Johnny Cage is a surprisingly sympathetic character.

    I haven't finished it yet.

  • Played through the PC port, unknowingly finished on Easy. Thanks, cryptic difficulty settings! Still a decent time, baffled that anyone wouldn't play with the new controls. Eff that tank-style nonsense.

  • I still think Uncharted 1 is good! It pales in comparison to 2, but c'mon!

  • Lightning is broken plz fix.

  • I played through most of this and...enjoyed it well enough. I guess it doesn't have that much going for it, the combat being simplistic and...largely poor, the platforming being an annoyance...but I dunno. It was kind of an inoffensive time, at least until the later levels. The boss fights are bad.

  • This game's okay. I guess. I dunno. It has oh so many problems, but by the end of four campaigns (and 35-ish hours) I'd learned to mostly live with them. I stopped getting angry after the first two campaigns, outside of some occasional flare-ups.

    Started it last year, finished it this year.

  • I think some of the praise this game's combat system receives is a tad overblown. It's largely competent, which seems a step up from previous games in the series, but basic competency is Musou-quality easy, and advanced techniques require absurd precision of semi-random timings (try to hit the COOL markers in the Practice mode...ugh).

    But whatever. It's silly. I didn't hate it, it was just kind of boring.

  • I'm only a few chapters in and while this game has a certain is so poorly made that I barely want to keep going. It has a general ill-conceived interface, but traps not acting consistently is frankly inexcusable. When I arrange a series of traps that are all undone because an enemy flew off at a slightly different angle...the game becomes utter garbage. Many frustrations for little gain.

  • I came back to this and man...I don't remember it being this rough when I started. There is some really severe input lag, and several encounters were better finished by spamming the arrows. Which...sometimes didn't fire because of the input lag. Thinking I was crazy, I picked up a copy of Ninja Gaiden Black on the XBOX and...that game's fine, it's still amazing. NG3 is just /that/ bad.

    Still haven't finished it. Kinda don't want to.