Honorable Mentions 2013

Games that i found to be great but either not top 10 or I did not finish them yet.

List items

  • I am finding this to be quite good despite a few bad changes. I really like the new Rage and Element system, it makes the combat a bit more interesting. I like how Kratos now does more things with his Chain Blades like grappling levers and enemies. The action and set pieces are nice and while God of war blew its mythological load with the Titans Vs Gods im finding the Furies to be alright.

    The one thing i do not find is the change to the parry system: Pressing X while guarding i don't have a problem with, its the moves he does right after. In previous games you could do a sweep afterwards to blow enemies back or a heavy plume attack, now its just a knock back on one enemy. On hard difficulties parry and sweeps were second nature and necessary to stay alive.

  • Best multiplayer game of the year. All the maps feel great and the re-balanced classes are good. Weapons and vehicles sound amazing, like always. Its more, better Battlefield and thats great....when it works.

  • I haven't gotten too far into this game because I like to play it when i have the day off and just want to stay in bed for a bit longer and want to be happy. This game is just pure unadulterated adorableness and that is a good thing.

  • Some damn cool moments in this game, mostly the ridiculous boss fights. Having to perfectly block Jetstream Sam's flurry of attacks at sundown was great...then it just got better when you fight a U.S. Senator. If only the levels were a bit better and they explained the combo system.

  • Just a good old fashioned RPG. I liked the story, the world was interesting and it looked gorgeous. I really liked all those hours i put in catching familiars and fighting Shadar.

    The things that holds it back is the combat was a bit lackluster and the team AI was terrible, this would be a great place for a Gambit system.

  • Another game i havent finished, mostly because ive been doing all the side activities which are great. Everything good has already been said elsewhere: Being a pirate taking ships and ports and living on the sea is great.

  • My favorite racing game this year. It has a nice sens of speed and a good mix of arcade-y and simulation driving.