Most Anticipated Games of 2018

Why not make a list to remind me of games I should probably check out! I'm not exactly counting on most of these games releasing next year, but they are something to look forward to. Here they are!

List items

  • The first Hitman are among the best Stealth games I've played since Blood Money and Thief 2. I cannot wait to dig into Hitman 2, and hopefully IO has improved upon the winning formula of the last game.

  • Shin Megami Tensei IV was not all that fun to me, I'll get to back to it whenever I finish Nocturne. Having said that, my newfound fondness for Nocturne has made me incredibly excited for a new console Shin Megami Tensei game for the first time in 14 years since the third game's release on PS2. Bring it on, Atlus!

  • The Yakuza games are great, so imagine my surprise when I hear Sega announcing a Yakuze-esque title in vein of Fist of the North Star anime license. It's Mad Max but Japan, and it features various voice actors from the Yakuza series as well as a similar combat system and open world. Just hook it into my veins!

  • It's Bayonetta, what more do I need to add? I can't frickin' wait!

  • Valkyria Revolution was a pile of flaming garbage, don't ruin a good thing Sega! Valkyria Chronicles 4 seems to be bringing war to the Cold Front. I'm excited by that prospect alone, along with getting a new proper Valkyria Chronicles game.

  • Being a bit lukewarm on SMTIV has caused me to be wary when it comes to the latest SMT games. Strange Journey is a game that has always intrigued me, and the enhanced port might be my que to try it out. Despite the lack of Kaneko's artstyle, I hope still hope for the best with this game. A sci-fi premise in a SMT game is just too interesting to pass up!

  • Catherine was one of my favorite surprise titles from Atlus back when it released in 2011. It was in some ways my introduction to Atlus. The promise of new content, new characters, improved gameplay and online multiplayer is enough to sway me to rebuy this amazing little gem.

  • Katsura Hashino, the man responsible for directing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Catherine, and all 3 modern Persona games. Hashino is the man at Atlus who delivers in quality, and I can't to see what he's got in store for the fantasy genre. If he can do something unique with fantasy, like he's done with Persona and Catherine then I'm all aboard.

  • No More Heroes is an excellent franchise, the action and gameplay is fun, the artstyle is stylish and cool and the music is excellent. Another adventure with Travis would be a thrill.

  • So we haven't heard anything about this particular Fire Emblem, but if it keeps the elements I liked about Awakening and Fates (like the customization) and of course the usual emphasis on strategy. Well, I'm all in!

  • So what I've seen of the new Spider Man game looks great, I like the design, and getting a good developer like Insomniac to make a proper Spider Man like Rocksteady has done for Batman. An original story, not based out of the convoluted comicbook BS, but deriving many elements from it. It's the next-gen Arkham-esque game, hopefully less quick time events than what has been shown. If the game can net the webslinging of Spider Man 2 then it's a winner.

  • Another game that most likely won't make the cut for 2018, but we are talking excitement right now. And I'm excited for another good Metroid game.

  • What I've seen of the Japanese release looks great, and VIII was a great JRPG. I hope the English accents will be there once again.

  • JRPGs everywhere! I'm pretty big on the Studio Ghibli esque artstyle and storytelling of Level-5. They are a great developer, so the sequel to the first Ni No Kuni deserves a look at least.

  • I really want this game to be good. It looks as gorgeous and stylish as its anime adaptation, complete with comic book UI ans overlays. It feels like a companion game to the gorgeous Dragon Ball FighterZ, but whether its 3D combat can measure up to Arc System Works remains to be seen.

  • A female protagonist, who is a Spartan, and the promise of some gay intimacy. I think I'm game to return to Assassins Creed again.