Top 10 Games of 2-0-1-7 (In the making)

Although it might be a bit premature to declare certain games 'The Winner of 2017' when we haven't even scratched the surface of the last few months remaining of the year. It's looking promising with quite a few 3DS titles, a Switch title I wanna try and other games i haven't even bought yet. This is a list that is subject to change, and I imagine the full list will be thoroughly documented when the year draws to a close. Here are the best games so far for me.

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  • Didn't think a Persona game could top Persona 3 for me but Persona 5 did. Anything from its perfected dungeon crawling, gameplay to its interest cast of characters who are refreshingly different from previous games, engaging villains and overall tone. Persona 5 is on the top as on of my favorite games of all time. The soundtrack is my favorite compilation of video game music I've heard. The game is an amalgation of everything I love about this series. I can't wait 'till I finally get som more time to jump back into it, and complete everything it has to offer.

  • Yakuza 0 is an immense step up from prior games in terms of story and combat. Its promise of a playable Majima, and a young Kiryu, was interesting alone, i didn't think however that the guys at Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios could actually pull of something as competent, and edge of your seat interesting, as Yakuza 2 again. But they did. The combat has never been as fun as it is now. 4 styles, packed with their own unique counters, special moves and heat actions. 0 brings two full fledged mini-games based on Cabaret Club & Real Estate management, and lots of the usual detailed side activities, packed with their own side stories. Add to that an interesting cast of characters, both minor and major, great soundtrack and you've got a winner with Yakuza 0

  • Yoko Taro is represents what I love about Japanese developers, they are eccentric and people who put a lot of personality and heart into their work. It's part of what makes their games so much fun, as your work is influenced by how you think, act or feel. The Nier and Drakengard games are certainly quirky, like the man himself. They are intricate tales on human existensialism, featuring pretty anime girls and boys. Well, that's not the whole truth. The first Nier had a cast of unique characters, featuring a wise-cracking talking book, a skeleton boy, a scandily clad woman who swears a lot, and a grissly old man, who is also a father.

    The first Nier was great due to its intersting characters, bleak yet slightly colourful world and weird blending of several different video game genres into one game.

    Automata is more or less the same but with better combat made by Platinum. While the main characters left a lot to be desired, with regards to characterization, the game ultimately still effected me just as strongly as the last game did when you reach its true finale. Nier is hard to judge from the outside, but at its core you got another great subversive JRPG from Yoko Taro that actually plays well.

  • I fell in love with the first Gravity Rush. Everything from its charming characters, fun gravity-manipulating mechanics, great jazzy music and a decent story to boot. Gravity Rush 2 saw fit to improve all of that with the power of the PS4, and does it show. Gravity Rush 2 is everything the first game was but much better. Kat is one of the best female leads in a video game period. Her laidback and charming demeanor makes for a surprisingly welcome addition to the otherwise long list of grisly and serious video game protagonists. Gravity Rush 2 has a lot of style ane colour, the new Gravity mechanics are better than ever before, the story is more competent but still a bit of s mystery. It's conclusive, but I do hope that it isn't the last we've seen of Kat from director Keiisuke. Because I really want a third game,

  • A game that already sold me on its visuals alone. But I never imagined that when I actually got to play it, I would find its ball sweatingly difficult gameplay to be fun. Challenge being balanced out by charm, I had a lot of fun conquering this game.

  • I had no real expectations to this game, but once I finally played it I was blown away by how well Capcom has managed to recapture many of the elements that made the original games so great. RE7 is not a perfect game but it is a step in the right direction.

  • I've fallen out with Mario games in recent years, the linearity and emphasis on motion controls in Galaxy was a big-no-no. I never played Sunshine, but thanks to Giant Bomb East I can safely say I dodged a bullet. Super Mario Odyssey, however, is a game that takes the formula that 64 built at its time and does it 10x better than ever before. Mario has never been as fun as is the case with Odyssey. It's one of my favorite absolute favorite games this year, and I'm not even half way done with it!

  • The Tales games has been on a downward spiral ever since Vesperia. Many of the entries that came after Vesperia felt rushed out of the door. It was at that point where the series had developed an annual release schedule, which led to less polished games. They lacked the strong qualities thst made Vesperia a great game. Everything from sn outdated engine generally dull art design and characters that played by the usual JRPG trope.

    Along came Berseria: A game that sadly still relies on outdated assets with a dull art design but a genuinely great story, and great characters! Berseria might be a good sign for the series getting back to the basically, as we haven’t heard of any Tales games being announced. Bandai Namco might be learning, because we could use more games like Berseria with more time in the oven!