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"Games-I-really-need-to-play/finish-as-soon-as-my-exams-are-over" List

The title really says it all. Thats why its so long :) These are the games i really wanna play but dont have time to crack open or finish until my exams are over. Unfortunately that means that I have to wait until some time in January or Febuary to try these awesome games:(

List items

  • Started this game but never had the time to finish it. Got to the level on the military ship... God I need to play this soon

  • Two words: multiplayer madness... Oh yeah and one more: Zombies! :D

  • Wasn't all that hyped about this game. As a matter of fact I had no intention of playing it... But then I tried it at a frinds house. So... yeah... another game for the pile that torments me

  • What can I say ? Loved the first game. It had it's ups and downs but I'm a sucker for skateboarding games and this is WAY more fun than Tony Hawk imo

  • Acctually I already finished this, but I need to finish it on the harder dificulties as well.

    And I got to play me some multiplayer too :)

  • Not at the top of the list, but I like the art-style and it looks fun dispite the hand-holding.