Games That Deserve A Sequel/Remake

these are games that I think deserve an sequal or update

List items

  • this is a classic arcade game that needs a remake, its a fast pace beat 'em up and with all the different cast members of the Simpsons makes this so much better. a remake is very ulikley due to the company that made this game does nto exist any more (know body knows who owns the rights to this game) and then there is licensing issues as well. we i can only dream

  • this needs a remake because its really hard to get a copy that new and does not cost an arm or a leg to buy

  • this is another rare JRPG in a brilliant series that deserves a remake (as it already has a sequel in the .hack GU series)its a really good game and the rest of the game in the original series have a great idea

  • this game was so wacky and fun,yes is basicly micro machines but with crazy characters (my favourite is twister with his razer sharp yoyo and twister super)and powers but it was and still is really fun. please give me a sequel/remake (^_^)

  • this game is really really good but it really hard as well (ah those were the days when game were hard and took longer then 10hours to finish), I may have never finished the game itself but I want a sequel now(!_!) (^_^)

  • this was the 1st video game I had ever played that was back when the Sega genesis/mega drive was popular. its a fun beat 'em up andi want it to be remade into a PSN/XBLA title (if it does happen i hope its better then TMNT:RS)

  • I really creepy game but fun at the same time please please give me Medievil III

  • now this is how spiderman game should be made, i just wish activision would buck up there ideas and give spiderman a proper game like this 1 a 3rd installation would be nice