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The Many Failures of Mass Effect 2

With an average score of 96 on Metacritic, one would be justified in believing Mass Effect 2 has little room for improvement. An overwhelming majority of so-called game critics have weighed-in, predictably showering Bioware’s latest RPG with roses and garlands.

Bioware is one of a select number of game companies that receives a +3 modifier in review scores. So take an average game that would normally receive a 7, add Bioware’s name to the box, and oila! Instant 10. While this may be great for Bioware’s bottom-line, it’s actually a grave disservice to the company and gamers, not to mention a glowing example of everything that is wrong in game journalism; criticism specifically.

Having played and finished Mass Effect 2, I can safely say, without reservation or hesitation, that Bioware’s latest RPG is a complete mess, from top-to-bottom and not a product worthy of Bioware’s heritage. 

Co-founder of Bio Ware Ray Muzyka said :" It's nice to receive nice words and congratulations, but I'm more interested in how we drive success in the future. how we make our next games even better than Mass Effect." 
 Well Ray, if you want to know how to improve your franchise then I highly recommend you don’t read any actual reviews, because my brethren in the journalism community are rabid fanboys who unfortunately have bylines. You also won’t find much at Metacritic because they de-list any site that has review scores that are not within some arbitrary average, which defeats the entire purpose of aggregate reviews when you remove low scores.  
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You need to know the Truth About Kosovo!

Hi there, this has nothing to do with games but it's very important for you to know. Especially for people from Central/Western Europe,UK and US who like me thought they knew about things that were happening in Serbian southern province of Kosovo. We were led to believe by US and British (NATO) governments via big news agencies and tv stations like BBC and CNN that Serbians attacked albanians in Kosovo for no good reason, just because they were on their land. Well, the real truth could not be more different. For me, it was shocking!  I'll let you see for your selfs. 

Истина о догађајима на Космету...