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Top Spin 3 Review 0

  Instead of running up to a shot with the proper face button held and watching the stroke animation carry out as you would in the past, Top Spin 3 forces a more realistic approach. Now you'll not only have to worry about getting your athlete, who now moves with increased inertia, to the ball but you'll also need to time the release of the shot button with the swing. The game lets you know when you've completed a solid hit with a small vibration, and while it may sound simple enough, the many ...

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Silent Hill: Homecoming Review 0

 The survival/horror genre has came a long way since Edward Carnaby made his first steps in Alone in the Dark. Nowadays Japanese developers are dominating in this genre, Capcom with their zombie-shooter Resident Evil and Konami with Silent Hill series. It was a big surprise when two years ago Konami announced that a American developer is going to work on next game and not their own Team Silent. Double Helix has been given an opportunity to show what they can. Never heard of Double Helix? They ...

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