All Time Favorites

This is for the quest, and this list may not be 100% true since I change my mind a lot. 
The most featured developer by far is Valve 
Surprisingly there aren't many first person shooters even though that is my most played genre.

List items

  • I have played every ratchet up until the first PS3 one (which I didn't like,) and none were more well written, fun, or innovating. This stands as my overall favorite for so many reasons. The weapons, leveling them up, the gadgets, story, and DR. NEFARIOUS make this my favorite game of all time. I am having trouble putting my love for this game into words, but there was just this perfect storm of navigation, exploration, weapon upgrading, and ship combat that rocked me to my core.

  • Probably the most obscure game on this, it broke my heart not to make it number one. This is the most unique game I have ever played with its different types of live ammo and switching from first to third person and unique universe. I loved picking up different bounty contracts and interacting with different people all until the amazing twist and climactic ending.

  • I've almost never liked a puzzle game, (save for braid, which was so close to making it on this list) this unorthodox, hilarious yet ominous is probably the most sophisticated intelligent game on this list, and really should be number one if not for my goddamn memories of the above games.

  • The most recent game to join the top 5. I loved the first uncharted

  • After playing this ad my first GTA, I tried playing the older ones. Because I had experienced this hilarious, grim, compelling, and realistic crime story, no other GTA could ever grip me.

  • I used to spend hours just customizing cars, racing them, buying more, and then just customizing them again.

  • Even though you'll see I put hours and hours into COD 4, I put far more into TF2, and its a testament to the game's quality that I'm still not bored of it.

  • So much fun, such great voice acting and overall presentation with the best voiceless character ever.

  • I love this game so much. I've made many many different characters and put literally dozens of hours into dozens of characters and still have different experiences every time.

  • I went through a japanophile phase, so when I saw the traditions of anime so openly mocked, I fell in love with the game. The only Wii game to be on the list and the funniest game on the list.

  • Read below. Although, I did fully explore this game and am satisfied with my completion percentage.

  • To this day I feel bad that I only put 40 hours into this game. The main storyline was so engrossing I just kept skipping side quests. For being in the bottom half of this list, it still definitely has the best ending. Well except the game above.

  • This fucking thing... god dammit...weeks and weeks of life lost, and I ruined it by playing to much. Seriously, I hated MW2 because I played too much of this. (and MW2 was some GI Joe bullshit.)

  • This is really the first game whose multiplayer I actually got into, and I still remember the final warthog chase.

  • Even though I never played the other Metal Gear Solids, this was a very dynamic thrill ride through and through.

  • I love love love penny arcade, and while I loved the humor of both episodes, the 2nd is clearly the superior. Now if only episode 3 would come out is almost 1 1/2 years late.

  • Best co-op ever. NUFF SAID.

  • This is an honorable mention for sheer amount of content, hours, and my first and only S-Rank!

  • I never liked Indiana Jones, so this game filled that gap in my childhood with Nathan Drake.

  • So many hours in co-op, good memories.