What if they made another DOOM movie?

So im sitting here watching the DOOM movie adaptation from 2005 and I'm thinking, "well this isn't terrible, they got the visual aesthetics from DOOM 3 recreated pretty faithfully, and the dialogue and action is kind of standard fare for a sci-fi shoot em up whatever whatever" but then I'm like, "if this movie was based on DOOM II's setting, it would be so much better!"

Imagine it; innocent civilians getting their heads swallowed by pinkie demons, portals to hell opening everywhere, flying skulls doing whatever it is they do, etc etc. I've always thought the coolest part about DOOM is how there are entirely too many enemies for one dude to deal with which gives it this tone that you're always just surviving by the skin of your teeth over and over again from encounter to encounter.

It wouldn't be a sequel to the previous installment. It would just be an unrelated story with a subtitle. Call it DOOM: Hell on Earth or something.

The main characters could be a small group of 3 or so characters traversing the land, constantly on the verge of being overwhelmed by the demon threat as they try to get to some government building or army base. The movie I've got playing in my head is a lot like 28 days later if there was more heavy metal in the soundtrack and fire everywhere. The climax of the movie would involve the main character (a reluctant leader of few words) going to the center of hell and killing satan and it would be totally badass. He wouldn't die at the end, but the last shot of the movie would be him shooting guns from the top of a pile of bodies like the cover art of the original game. The fight never ends credits roll. fuckin rad!

so this movie will never be made but what do YOU think?


GREEN FLAME remix/cover (new song) inspired by Lil B


If there was one candle in the night still going strong

I would know that it's alright for me to keep going on

I do it for my friends and family, the joys of rejoicing

The fruits of our labour, remember just to savour the flavour

Cause life, is what you make it but perfection is fleeting

And temporary, you can't chase the dream without eating

Don't get carried away

It burns my heart but I still carry the flame, treat everyday like a challenge to face

I try to grow from my mistakes, still get trapped in the struggle

Smoking hash to the face in public looking for trouble

Feeling like an outsider cause my vision's ambitious

I try my best to express it but it isnt completely finished yet

I don't blame the world cause it still shows me love

And I don't blame myself cause that kind of guilt never helps

I just focus on positivity motivation

Walking down the path of life till I am emaciated

Call it destiny, I'm still having fun though

Born in the struggle but you know I'm going dumb too

Looking to the stars, my connection to the universe

Will never be severed again cause my soul is not inert

I'm alive bitch can you feel me?

I'm putting away the façade so you can hear the real me

Let me know what you're thinking

I'm down for the love, down for the criticism

You know I'm blowing ism, smoking on that loud shit

Haters on my dick cause the hatred still surrounds them

Hatred in my heart but it slowly dissipates

When I'm standing on a stage spitting realness from the brain

Green flame, the struggle is beautiful

Immutable univeral but still confusing and slightly strange

Just sit back and try to understand

Just another human being trying make a real stand


Happy Mother's Day!

Shout out to all the ladies who have delivered babies, that shit is crazy 
Did you treat your mother to a good time today? 
I went to tim hortons with my parents and later on tonight I'm going to the movies with my family! 
It's gonna be fun :D


El-P's new album is pretty good


   [Verse 1]
Tell me who sent you here, what agency
Who's paying for this time you're wasting?
Who signs when you submit receipts?
What do they have on you to bribe you?
What's the threat they held above that very pleasing face?
What do they want from me?
As for that shed of tools we spoke about
I doubt that I'm the sharpest one
But manuals I come with clearly read "I cut"
So you're not fooling anybody
We all know that you couldn't be here out of love
You must really think that I am dumb
Well, I know a thing or two about a thing or two
And one of them's the fact that men like me don't ever get no second chance
Not for the kind of man who showed up at death's door
And ding, dong, dashed so much he wore a hole out on the welcome mat
Oh you're good
The way you just smiled at me; pro move
A lesser man would fall for that
Just drift into the thrill of you
Why don't you just admit the truth
That you've been trained to withstand pain
And that's the only way my crazy is not killing you

Look at me
I'm on to you
No more lies
I'm on to you
Then again, you might out of your goddamn mind

I wouldn't want to be part of any club that would have me (4x)

You must be out of your goddamn mind

[Verse 2]
Tell me your real name, who's your leader
What agenda got you slumming it down here
Who's handing out the dough?
Tell me the point of adopting a crocodile
When you know that he's going to be flushed to the sewers down low
Slithering, writhing, wiggling
Living where the moon don't glow
Why would you book a ticket with a living close to Concordia?
Why would you travel on a vessel that might not float?
For all the times that I drowned all hope
I don't really see the logic of me getting this spot on the lifeboat
Got to be a better candidate
For that shit dumb luck
No comprendo

I wouldn't want to be part of any club that would have me (4x)

Tonsil Hockey Cherry Poppin'

My first kiss was not a transcendental experience like what is usually so common in a Hollywood movie, not at all. In fact, it kind of transpired like how every other teenage milestone does, with a heavy helping of poor planning, impulsiveness, and just a pinch of awkwardness.

I remember waking up that day with an odd feeling in my head. Somewhere between dread and anticipation, a little brain elf was reminding me that I had a date planned for the night. The date itself was pretty uneventful, consisting of a walk on the town, (or in this case neighborhood corner store), and then a dry listening session to some esoteric tunes that I had obsessively worshiped at the time and that she had obliviously ignored. But of course all the fun had to come to an end eventually, and as we stood on my porch under the pale streetlight, I looked into her eyes with the kind of spark that could only mean desire, and she looked into mine and couldn’t help but look confused. We stood there for a few moments, waiting for something to happen until it was clear that one of us actually had to make it happen ourselves, and I worked up the only kind of courage I had (the most charming kind) and said, “Hey, don’t you want to give me some sugar?”

At that, she shrugged and smiled sheepishly, obviously impressed that she was being courted by someone so suave, and not because she was trying very hard to not laugh. As she leaned in, and I did too, I thought about how she so clearly looked maybe a little desperate, and as our lips locked, I thought about the funny taste of her breath, and the trickle of her saliva that was now sitting under my bottom lip, and about the millions of microbes that called the squishy warm tongue muscle home, and I realized that the only reason that I was kissing her was that she probably would’ve gotten bored with me if I hadn’t, and I had a reputation to uphold, clearly.

At least she liked it, right? 

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