Do any of you have a friend who thinks hes always right?

I do and it pisses me off so much. Today I was playing mw 2 with him and when i stated my opinion that the m16 is a pretty powerful gun compared to others, he argued and said it was balanced and pretty much told me my opinion doesn't matter.  

 So I told him to go fuck himself and I shut off my xbox because he wanted to start an argument with me cause of my opinion.   
Any of you have doushebags as friends? 
Just thought I'd vent, you know because im not about to go back on xbox with that doushe. 
Edit: By the way i wasn't complaining that I got killed by an m16, but in the game i was playing i had killed 2 people with a 3 shot burst. Just to clarify because I don't hate the m16, for all you m16 user's out there.    

I hope IW gives this games mp balance. *some spoilers*

Suddenly the more news that I hear about the multiplayer I start to get worried, 
-Tactical Nuke 25 kill streak (Not that bad but still)
-Dual wielding P-90s Heres a link as proof     
WTF, I swear I've been waiting for this game for awhile and It would be quite a bummer. 
Seriously.  IW dont do this to me. 
What our your thoughts on the latest MP leaks?

Gears of War 2 Dark corners dlc.....

Is awesome, all the maps a well made and most of them are pretty big. What does everyone else think about the map pack so far?
I thought it was well worth the 1200 points, and to those who play gears and haven't picked up a map pack yet get the all fronts collection.
1600 points for 3 map packs and a deleted scene is a good deal i think.



Awww Man.... Exams.

 I have two exams tomorrow(wednesday). I havent studied, and its the NYS Earth science exam and i have a college level engineering exam also.
I'm screwed ain't I. 

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