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You're right, the content that I no longer have access to is "free", you just have to be part of the group to get it.

I don't know if that makes it better, or worse. It's basically there to restrict dissenting views. You write something we don't like, we remove content you had for years.

I'm done with both Overkill and PD2, this is just a cautionary tale.

It's a shame too, PD2 used to be a great game.

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So, as some of you may know, Overkill the developer of the once highly acclaimed Payday franchise has decided to introduce microtransactions to Payday 2, akin to CS:GO and TF2 cases.

This has created a large uproar in the community that's still in effect. In all the mess they're now releasing a new DLC pack, a tie in with the remake of Pointbreak. The game already has a shit ton of DLCs, now they added weapon skins, on top of that some of the skin have stat boosts, and to top it all off it's not a F2P game, it costs 20$.

In my anger over this I decided to post a video on the steam discussions. It was titled, Overkill's Annual Shekel Meeting.

Got banned from the forum for a while by a developer, knew it was coming, that's fine.

Got kicked from the steam group though, I didn't see that one coming. Knowing that there is exclusive content for the game, that can be gotten only by being in the group, I launched the game, to see if it would still be there.

And of course, it's not.

3 Heists, some weapons and some mods, so now I can no longer use the weapons that are moded with the mods I can no longer use, nor can I host the heists.

Forget the violation of freedom of speech, it's their forum they can moderate it however they want.

Forget them banning me from the group, and not allowing me to have the content that I previously had, for the game that I paid for, I didn't really plan on playing a game that has stat boosting microtransactions.

But, if you ever do support this company, which once listened and cared for their fanbase, know that you'll be supporting a company that's ready to step over their fans in the blink of an eye.

Thanks Almir, I hope you're happy.

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Yeah, checked it out yesterday, 20$. Zombies? I'm in. inb4 someone corrects me telling me that they're in fact clones and not zombies.

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Come on mods, we'll have a civil debate in this thread, I promise. So lets try again.

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Why? Cause fuck censorship and hypocrisy.

Oh and Sweep, give this thread about an hour or so before you lock. k? thx.

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The movie itself kind of sucked, but Bob Hoskins was great in it. Gonna watch The Long Good Friday. RIP Bob Hoskins. Also, his final role was in the Snow White and the Huntsman... with Kristen Stewart... Fuck this world.

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Honestly the difficulty is a plus for me. No hand holding is always a good thing. But at the same time, the concept of just letting the player wander around the world with little to no objective while shooting arrows at zombie Spaniards doesn't seem like it can carry a an entire game. At least Dark Souls has a shit ton of weapons and leveling so there's a clear sense of progression that can last for dozens of hours.

And after a little more searching around the interwebz apparently it takes around 6 hours to beat the game. I guess exploring every bit of the game and doing everything, 15? 20? Banished it is. I'll probably also end up picking up Betrayer at some point though. Both games seem kind of unfinished though.

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Stalker meets early 17th century America? I've read that the game is a very atmospheric , surreal FPS game, with what seems to me like an interesting premise. But some people think the gameplay is the weak point of the game. So what do you guys think? I'll buy either Betrayer or Banished so I'd really appreciate some input on Betrayer.

Also, pretty fucking awesome name. *whispers* Betrayer!

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@thedudeofgaming said:

What I'm getting at is this. You've only yourself to blame for the situation you're currently in. And more importantly, the majority of people in Crimea declare themselves as Russian and do not want to be governed by the new regime, the same way you didn't want to be governed by Yanukovych. It was actually the people of Crimea that asked Russia to step in. Most of them seem pretty happy by the Russian intervention.

Sorry, what? You're blaming the OP/Ukrainian people for this mess? Short of him clashing on a Kiev square, how exactly is he to blame? Have you paid any attention to anything written at all? The buildup to Crimea is about 60 years in the making, ever since Krushchev haphazardly gave it away back in 1954, exacerbated by the dissolution of the USSR, oligarchs (who make up the political elite) squabbling over privatization creating numerous economic woes for its citizenry, several revolutions, rampant nationalist rhetoric not to mention agent provocateurs from Russia, EU and the US all joining in on the fun.

You're as bad as MSNBC, who can't even look up a map of Central and Eastern Europe post 1992.

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Yes, yes I mispoke and I take it back and I apologize. When I said they have only themselves to blame I meant the invasion of Crimea being a consequence of the so called "revolution" that was orchestrated by the west. The major factor of the Russian invasion is Ukraine moving towards the EU and undoubtably NATO. If you expect Russians to sit idly by while NATO continues to expand its sphere of influence well, that's why Ukraine is in the situation is today. Like I said in my previous post, more than anyone it's the west who is to blame for what is happening now. They tried to get Ukraine, and they weren't expecting such a harsh consequence.

And that's what the west does, it purses its intrests, regardless of the consequences, creating instability in many regions of the world.

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@thedudeofgaming said:

@truthtellah said:

@thedudeofgaming: Wow, that's the worst comment I've seen in a while. How dare you, man.

Sure some commenters have actually been fans of what Putin is doing, but suggesting that Ukrainians revolting against a corrupt government makes them responsible for another country invading them is ridiculous. It's not as though they pushed against the government to get this new crappy government in; they have complaints about it, too. But people everywhere in the world should be able to voice their criticism of terrible governments killing their own people without somehow deserving to have a bad replacement government come in or have their country attacked by another nation. That makes no sense.

This guy has every reason to be concerned about the chaos in his country, and blaming him for another country coming in is about the worst thing I can imagine someone saying in this instance.

I'm not blaming SnakeVSGiantbomb, I'm blaming the west who's using Ukraine as a pawn against Russia. He has every right to be concerned for his country. But If you really think that the revolting had no outside assistance well, you have the right to think whatever you want. But no revolt happens spontaneously.

And to my knowledge, Russia has deployed troops in Crimea, and Crimea only. This was requested by Crimean leaders and seems to have the support of the people who inhabit Crimea. Perhaps you missed this part. Because for like the third or fourth time the majority of Crimeans are Russian or at least declare themselves as such. And they do not want to be a part of a country that's obviously anti-Russian.

You know what's funny though. When the US decides to invade countries, laws are a distant afterthought. There still hasn't been a fired shot in Ukraine, but you act like Russians are carrying out a genocide against Ukranians.

You literally said "What I'm getting at is this. You've only yourself to blame for the situation you're currently in." and then you questioned his motives for being concerned about it. What gives you the nerve to be that dickish toward someone in Ukraine worried about the state of his nation and his own life?

Plus, you seem to be speaking for the population in Crimea despite there being no evidence that they all wanted this. Plenty of people speak Russian and even identify as Russian in Ukraine, but it doesn't mean they genuinely want to be a part of Russia. There were no elections, no polls, no referendum, no anything. All there has been is Russian soldiers rolling out and occupying the region. If you break into my home, point a gun to my head, and ask whether I want you to be in my home, I'd probably say you're welcome to be there, too, but that has little to do with what I genuinely want.

So, not only are you suggesting that they deserve it and questioning this guy's motives for being concerned, but you're also speaking for the Crimean people when you and none of us have a right to do so.

Okay, I said you've only yourself to blame. That was wrong and I apologize. I believe that Ukraniane people were blindly led. And yes Yanukovich was bad, but he was democratically elected and violently thrown out.

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There you go, I happen to agree with everything McGovern said, and some of what Snyder said. But I find it laugable that he draws a comparison with Russia's ties with Ukraine, being the same as US ties with Mexico or Canada.