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Trampoline is the new fitness craze

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Several Perth health clubs now offer trampolines being incorporated by courses into routine routines.

"Becoming on it's like truly being a kid again. It is not extremely unpopular among a core group of 18-20-year old customers, who take their fitness rather seriously. But it is an excellent work out for anyone."

Research found that 10 minutes is a better cardiovascular workout of jogging than 33 minutes.

"With the smaller, rally trampolines the exercise follows the same principles as jogging and is great for elevating the pulse," he said. "But because it's lower impact, it is considerably milder on the bones.

"With the bigger trampolines, there's the chance for rather an extreme burn.

"I'd urge self regulating. The greatest exercise is consistently the one you love in regards to weight loss. If this includes trampolines, go for it." read more at

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