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The Rest: 2014 Edition

Much like last year, games exist that didn't make it on to my top 10 list, despite enjoying them immensely. This is that list.

List items

  • With no Need for Speed game this year to scratch my open-world driving game itch, Forza Horizon 2 has more than filled the gap by providing amazing vistas, beautiful cars, and just plain fun driving.

  • I think Brodehouse puts into words what makes Transistor special in a way far superior than what I ever could. Take a look at his GOTY list.

  • Easily the best Mario Kart has ever been. Drop-dead gorgeous, incredibly fun, and perfectly chaotic.

  • Despite playing a decent chunk of the SNES Shadowrun game, I never really knew what the Shadowrun universe really was. Turns out, after playing last year's Shadowrun Returns earlier this year, the entire conceit of Shadowrun is maybe one of my favorite takes on the idea of cyberpunk.

    While, full disclosure, I've not actually played the Director's Cut yet, just the original DLC, also released this year, and despite the fact that the one feature I would have loved to see, the ability to import your character from DMS, is only featured in a sort of janky mod, Shadowrun's brand of turn based combat mixed with the tense, slightly somber cyberpunk atmosphere never ceases to amaze.

  • Santa Rodin. That is all.

  • I really like this game because my "main" main character out of those two is a telekinetic thief who can turn invisible and then literally steal everything. Including gigantic kegs of beer. Which then get teleported to my space house and then I just imagine every other character going to my space house and getting drunk while my telekinetic thief continues stealing everything not nailed down.

    Because I'm an INVISIBLE TELEKINETIC THIEF. You think you're safe? Hahahahahahahaha.

  • Much like Swery: I like when you die at the end.

  • I need to get back to this something fierce. Maybe next year. What little I played, though, was amazing, and on the better end of the spectrum of "Western developed JRPGs" than I think a lot of people gave credit.

  • Man, what a great year for Mario ______ games. World Tour's arcade-fun golf was a near perfect fit for the 3DS, and the host of online features and tournaments were super fun.

    Also at one point I had a more powerful drive than Bowser. Not entirely sure how that happened, seeing as I am built like an assortment of brooms.

  • I like pool. Good pool video games are hard to come by because eventually they all just become point the lines where you want them to go and then all the fun is gone. I guess that's why I love the limitations placed on your perspective in this game. You have to feel it.

    Also: those balls are /gorgeous./