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Modern Warfare 2 PC: Less PC features, More Team America :(

 I'm returning this game back to, and the reasons are (for those who want information about the PC version and are on the fence about purchasing it):
1) One of the selling points for me was Spec Ops mode. Strangers can't join your Spec Ops game. Only friends on your Steam friends list. If you don't use Steam for social networking, or none of your steam friends play MW2, you're boned here. Also not all of the spec ops missions are fun or replayable.
2) The lag is a big issue with the lack of dedicated servers. Everyone who petitioned MW2 for lack of dedicated servers for issues of lag? You were right, and I will no longer argue against you. This host migration shit sucks.
3) The IW game engine is amazing, but the single player campaign is not consistently good. There's a bit of a "America and Britian are inherently good, and every other country pisses pure evil" vibe to it.  Also the actual design of some of the missions are just frustrating and bad. I'm all for losing in a video game if I can figure out why I'm losing. It's entirely different if I'm dying from weird enemy spawn routines I can't do anything about. Then it's just annoying and distracting.
4) I can't see the single player plot line for this game as anything other than retarded. I get why people make idiot-fun games with insensitive, ridiculous plotlines. I just think it's below the talents of Infinity Ward. Perhaps I'm making too many assumptions about their integrity. *shrugs*
 Mw2 has an amazing game engine. But like...yeah..there's a lot to not like about this game. Don't kill me for being honest. 

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F.e.a.r. 2 Project Origin Impressions and Review

The singleplayer looks great, the story is fine, and the combat is plain fun. If it's not broke, don't fix it. And they didn't. It could have been a little more challeging on medium difficulty, but it's not the type of game that loses anything being easy.

The multiplayer feels pretty average and by-the-numbers. There's lots of  wide-open spaces, and any tactical elements are just about non-existent. The "create-a-load out" (similar to that of Call of Duty 4) is not nearly as satisfying and doesn't effect gameplay drastically based on the limited amount of weapons to choose from. On a positive note: the weapons are all satisfying to use, the grenades and proximity mines are fun, and the melee system still works in appropriate situations.

I give F.e.a.r. 2: Project Origin 8 stars out of 10. It loses 2 big stars for a missed opportunity to tighten and flesh out the multiplayer. The game's very solid, but there's not enough evolution here (and the game's amazing engine definitely has room for it). On a side note: I think a tactical/swat fps (Swat 5?) would be outstanding with F.e.a.r.'s engine.