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GB was an important part of my life. My profile picture has never been more relevant. Cheers to the amazing people I’ve met thro...

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Ahhh LittleBigPlanet.This game is filled with hype and filled with cuteness.I know that it has won many awards for Best of E3 which is always good.Well thanks to KisukexD I'll be previewing this game first but what will be the next two game's I preview?That is up to the great people that feel like commenting this blog and telling me what they want next.

Say hello to my winner of Best of E3.
Say hello to my winner of Best of E3.
The Good
One of the cutest games ever made
One of the most innovative games also.
Fun multiplayer
Great customization options
Wonderful controls
Amazing graphic and level design

The Bad
Lacking of replay value
No story to the game
I'm kinda worrieed if you are platforming online and lag hits and you miss a jump....will that happen often?Because if it does that will turn off a lot off people from the online.
GiantBomb:5 stars

I personally think this game will be a hit.The developer's will be getting butt loads of money and we will be getting butt loads of fun outta this.But still I don't know a lot of information on the game....I mean will it just be you create a level then complete it then complete one online?Cause that isn't exactly long lasting...But I still have 2 previews that you guy's can choose.So what will it be?