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Best of 2009

TheGreatGuero's Best Games of 2009 (For Now):

It's been a pretty underwhelming year for video games, though that's okay since I still ended up spending most of this year trying to catch up on 2008's best games. This year I've tried to compile a top 10 list but truthfully, I haven't even played 10 games that I would consider worthy to qualify as the best of the year, so instead I present you with: TheGreatGuero's 6 Best Games of 2009 (For Now)! Usually it's not until several months into the new year when I can really start to construct and shape a list of what I truly believe were the year's best games. Mainly that's because I'm always behind, and with so many games always being released right before the holiday season, it takes some time before I can get my hands on them all. With that said, I present you my current list. I'm not setting any of these selections in stone, and surely some of the games I missed could find themselves included once I have the chance to play them.
Also, my selections here will be entirely 360 games. This is because I don't own a PS3, I don't play PC games, the few Wii games I played in 2009 weren't that great, and while I did buy a DSi this year, the only DS games I've played are from last year. Well, except Scribblenauts, but this isn't a Worst of 2009 list, so it's not included. With all that said, I finally present to you, after building all this anticipation, TheGreatGuero's 6 Best Games of 2009 (For Now), without explanations (which may be added later)!

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