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A GameBoy but better

Clamshell:  I like the clamshell design for games since you are holding and looking at it so convinence for your pocket is not as important as it is for an ipod.
Two analog sticks:  If you are gonna have 3d games, you need two analog sticks.
Digital distribution only
Made by Nintendo
4 face buttons and the d-pad from a SNES
widescreen with a resolution of 480p
Actually the DS is pretty damn good.
So take the DS, make the screens a little wider, higher resolution and put in a couple analog sticks and you are done! thats it you heard it here first, DS2 coming fall 2010.


My Q4 2009 Must Owns

  • I am only really feeling the urge and need to own these games 
    NBA 2k10.  Kobe is on the cover and it is the 10 year anniversary of the best damn basketball game ever made.  You can go wrong with this one.  Though I usually wait until February of next year to get it, right before All-star weekend and after the Super Bowl 
    Modern Warfare 2.  Its Modern Warfare 2. 
    Forza 3.  I love the idea of being able to tune a car and replicate what I would like to do on my own car.  If only i had enough time to do that and paint my cars.  This will take up a lot of time.  And the driving is fun too.

None except Starcraft 2, well not really

Starcraft 2 was the one that was disappointing but not so much since in my heart of hearts, I knew it would not be out.  With no beta even on the radar, I knew it was a long shot for 2009.  December was all i could even hope for.  But this just leaves others to look forward to in 2010. 
I was only planning on getting MW2 and NBA2k10 and possibli ODST.  Thats all that was on my radar for 2009.  As for 2010. Starcraft and thats it.  Hopefully Half Life Episode 3 will show up in 2010 as well.

MvC2 and Mortal Kombat

I am glad the resurgence led to the release of HD remix and Marvel Vs Capcom 2, but I just fight 3D fighters as being too lame, hate Tekken so much!  But SF4 was just too weird, I mean, I kept scratching my head at the cutscenes because they made no damn sense.  Also I was pissed that the mexican was a chef who yelled and jumped around, it was so retarded.  Or that rufus was some good fighter but was a fat piece of crap.  Keep trying.
What is missing is a true mortal kombat sequel.  Mortal Kombat 5, well 4 is taken but in my opinion it would be the true MK4.  All the digitized actors comeback and you make an HD over the top super violent MK, none of that make your own fatality crap.  Make the fatalities unique and funny again.


Havard Professor's arrest and Obama beats a cop down

Since this is the only forum to where I really post, I thought I would start a topic and just vent here.  I have been listening to the radio and with people's opinions being shot off, it is really surprising how dense and how much lack of thought some people have.
So here is the story that I have as far as I know.
This Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, was trying to break into his own house because he forgot his keys after a trip to China.  Some woman, who didn't live in the neighborhood, called the cops on him and reported that two black men were trying to break into someone's house.  The cops came over and found one black man already inside the home.  The cop who is at the center of this is James Crowley.  Crowley asked for ID.  Gates got irate and started saying stuff to the cop, most quoted as you dont know who you're messing with and the such.  They stepped outside but after a bit, both parties agree that he did show ID, two.  His driver's license and his harvard ID, both with photos.  But the cops arrested him for being a jerk basically, being uncooperative and saying stuff.  The charges were then dropped.
The discussion centers around the issue of whether or not this was a racist act and whether an arrest should have been made in the first place.  For the racism, i can't really tell, but it feels like yes, there was a touch of racism.  I mean, really it just feels like a white person would not be arrested in the same situation.
And the situation is this.  Crowley's biggest point for the arrest was Gates behavior and saying things about Crowley's mother.  On the radio I heard hosts talking about how cops should not stand there and take abuse or that the police department is great and the President's comment that the actions of the cops were stupid.  Well, I am sorry, but yes, cops should be respected but that doesn't mean I can't act like an asshole in my own home, on my own property.
Here is the question to all of you, how would you feel if that is the reason you got arrested in your own house.  After the cops did know it was your house, you got arrest for yelling at them?  Why did they drop the charges?  Because he clearly did nothing wrong and with another harvard lawyer representing him, the cops knew they would get their asses handed to them.
As for what the president said, he called out the actions of the cops.  Clearly stupid since those charges would not stick.  Sorry but just because you have a good police department, it doesnt mean the president cant call your ass out for something you did.  Also, Obama went to harvard, he knows this professor.  If your friend got treated this way, you would say something, would'nt you?
Lots of people like to say it was just a cop trying to do his job, but his job does not included letting someone get to you and arrest them for it.  He didn't get arrested for breaking into his own house, he got arrested for telling the cops to fuck off after they knew it was his house and all the neighbors wondering why the fuck the cops were there in the first place if this guy owns the house!
I think we should all be outraged that this happened, that this could happen.  Is it racist?  I can't say for sure.  Did the cops fuck up anyway?  You bet they did.  This cop is gonna face some consequences if Gates does sue, because if I got arrested at my own house, just for speaking my mind, i would be pissed too.  Just cause you're a cop doesnt mean I can't do and say what I want at my own house just because you are there.


Terminator Salvation Review

I was really excited about the prospect of a new Terminator movie back in 2003.  Gray Davis was still governor of and was as chiseled as ever.  However I had my doubts.  Could they pull off another movie with the same premise as the second one?  Well, that movie was not as good as the first two and made some mistakes that I feel anyone who was a real fan of the Terminator would have been able to correct.  Also Nick Stahl looked short and had a weird looking head.

This movie has an interesting plot but not the one I would have chosen for this movie.  It revolves around John Connor still trying to establish himself as the leader of the Resistance and figuring out that Skynet is after Kyle Reese, his daddy from the first film.  Along the way he meets this terminator/human hybrid thing that was once a guy on death row right before Judgment Day.  Somehow he becomes a new type of infiltration unit and no one really trusts him.  So he and John team up to try and save Kyle Reese.

For this movie, the most important thing is the action and in a word, it is great.  The movie provides you with new and old terminators that fit well into the series of movies.  There is the mandatory chase scene between the target and the terminators.  Though the overall violence is toned down from the first movies.  You don’t see anyone impaled, or at least not in the way you saw in the first 3 movies.  And lots of explosions and gun fire between the terminators and humans.  And the movie has its moments of tension where you really think that someone important is going to die.

I think Christian Bale is a great choice to play John Connor, because he exudes that toughness that you see from the guy in the first scene of Terminator 2.  Though I thought his voice was pretty one dimensional, as if he never stopped acting for Batman.  Others like Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright and Anton Yelchin as Reese were good choices and show the chops to hold the story up.  did his part and of course was the best actor in the whole damn movie.

The movie does not have the same charm and wonder that the first two gave someone, but it is gritty and full of despair, and it really makes you wonder at the end, how the hell can they win this war?  You know they win, otherwise there would not be the first 3 movies since Skynet would have to be losing to be desperate enough to use a delorean.  It is pretty much what I wanted out of a movie about the future, except it is not as cool as the future scene in T2, there are no plasma weapons and no fighting in the dark against those HK tanks.  Hopefully they do something more like in the next one, hope there is a sequel.

So the movie moved along great, really didn’t bullshit with the lore and there was plenty of fan service in it.  The action was decent and while the violence and gore was toned down, you got some suspenseful moments.  3 out of 4 stars.

Being Giant Bomb and the fact that was in it, 4 out of 5.


My Persona 4 Conclusion

I think there have been quite a few discussions about this but i really want to put my two cents out there.  First off, I have not played Persona 4, but I feel like I have by watching the Endurance Run episodes and I think that says something about the game.  i will sum it up quickly here but I think from watching this Persona 4 pretty much has brought together some of the worst things in videos games together but that doesn't mean its not an enjoyable experience, its just not a good game.
So from watching the Endurance Run, I get the feeling that you dont actually do much while playing the game except pressing x to get the dialogue moving and choosing options of what you want to do or say.  And thats where the worst parts of other games comes in.  The cut scene length in Metal Gear is notorious but Persona 4 does much of the same, just lots of dialogue, with static blinking images.  I appreciate the animated cut scenes but they feel out of place when the developers go to such little trouble to animate the characters in game.
The game itself is more like a good looking text adventure or something like Myst.  There are very few parts in the game where you get to move around and instead you make your choices of what you want to do or where you want to go, very little freedom, and so you get to do little actual playing and instead do more choosing or pressing x.  A simple take on it but thats what it boils down to.
Then you have a ridiculous set of characters who say some pretty weird or just say obvious things.  The game likes to repeat the stuff you do or repeat your choice many times as if you are not paying attention.  Perhaps the characters and story are more geared for a japanese audience because the characters and dialogue is pretty lame and silly and just weird.  But that is part of what makes Persona 4 so much fun, if you get my drift.  Watching this series of the Endurance Run, it makes me realize that the game is enjoyable because of these things, its like watching a ridiculously bad movie that is so bad its funny (or game kinda like 50 cent blood on the sand).  Because you can't actually really do much in real time except run to a spot, it is easy to share with a friend.  I doubt I would have laughed as much as I did if Jeff or Vinny had been playing by themselves, and I doubt that they could enjoy the game as much as they did if they were alone.  You can't talk about Chie in the way they did by yourself, that just makes you weird.  So even though i found the endurance run fun, it makes me realize I would not want to play this alone.
What kind of person would enjoy this kind of game alone or take it seriously like I am sure the developers intended?  Also, why does it feel like developers are just not good at developing games but instead more story, or at least an intricate one that might not actually be good?  Little in game animation, terrible at best, and the lack of actions seem to be cut corners.  though I did find the idea of developing relationships to upgrade character abilities pretty intriguing.  Wish they did something like that in Mass Effect, so that lesbian sex would be awesome to watch and would give you special lesbo abilities in combat.  Anyway, I hope I dont get bashed but so be it, this is not a good game but in the right circumstances, can be pretty fun and memorable.


PS3, Killzone 2, Good Deal for the PS3 and Phone in the Toilet

Well, It finally happened, I bought a PS3 last night.  It was a great struggle for me too.  I have lots of blu ray movies (i used my brother's PS3 to watch em) and am anticipating buying more but I had held off buying a blu ray player because I read lots of reviews that still said the PS3 was a better blu ray player than one of comparable price.  So i was convinced the PS3 was the blu ray player I needed.  And with Killzone 2 coming out, I thought, no better time to get it.  So this is the first time I have gone out to get a system for one game, but hey, this thing does give me lots of movie viewing options.
But the struggle part has to do with the fact that I was gung ho to get it but then i dropped my cell phone in the toilet and it was just acting retarded, like it was struggling to turn on.  But I bought the PS3 anyway but with the condition that if this thing didnt work again, i would have to take it back because it would cost me $700 to replace.  But thankfully, it came back to life, I made a guess that charging it would dry it off quicker because this thing can get hot when on the charger and voila, it turned back on.  And the dream of the PS3 lives on.
I had been really holding back judgement of Killzone 2 because the first one sucked so bad but after seeing videos of the game, it just looked like it moved and looked amazing, though i hear the story is not that engaging.
But here is the important part for everyone out there looking for a PS3 in time for Killzone 2, Best Buy and Target have pretty good deals going or if you can find one there, Circuit City.

  • At Target, with the PS3 you get a $50 gift card with your purchase.
  • At Best Buy you get either Guitar Hero 3 or Guitar Hero Aerosmith with Guitars and a $50 gift card. Obviously you use that gift card for Killzone 2.
  • And then circuit City has everything going on sale with games at 50% off but I went to my circuit here and it was completely raped.  But The one by where I work had 360s and PS2s left and they were at 25% off so a 360 pro for 225 was a pretty good deal.  So if you can find one a PS3 would only be 300, the best deal of all.
So I have finally taken the plunge and will be ready for Killzone, though i am still looking forward to Halo Wars and HAWX on the 360.  But Halo Wars is starting to looking like a wait for a price drop because the short campaign and lack of depth has put me off, but we shall see.

My Video Game History

So I own a crap load of systems but probably not as many as other people out there.  I have made bad choices and some really good choices as to what systems to buy.  Some times I feel dumb for buy a system because it feels like I threw away my money and other times disappointed that the system didn't get as much use as I had hoped.
My first system ever was my Super Nintendo. I got it for christmas in 1992 so I didn't know but it had been out for a year already.  though the one thing that keeps running through my head was that at this point I didn't know shit about video games, and so how did my parents know to get me this thing?  Wow, either they got lucky or really looked into it.  So that came with Super Mario World which is still by far, my favorite Super Mario Game.  I got other games like Turtles in Time and Super Empire Strikes Back.  I guess the other really good game I had on there was Super Mario Kart, Which until Mario Kart DS came out, I thought was still the best Mario Kart game out there.  I don't know how the fuck anyone could really like Mario Kart 64, the idea that the computer could catch up no matter how well you drove was irritating.  I could lap people in the 50cc cup but even they gave you trouble in MK64, which really didn't feel well.  I also had the first two Donkey Kong Countrys and those were great too, pretty hard at points as I remember.  I think it is these games that would lead to some disappointment on the Nintendo 64.  The one game I used to rent all the time for some reason was Jurassic Park.  I just found it to be a great game, and it was always so funny to use a gas grenade to knock out the dinosaurs.
I also got a gameboy at some point.  I came home from school and my parents just gave it to me.  It was the weirdest thing.  It had Super Mario Land 2: the 6 Golden Coins with it and that game was great as well.  Not as complex as World but still an amazing feat on that system.  I also had Jurassic Park on this system, probably because o my experience on the SNES.  Though these games I had no clue how to finish.  I don't remember much of any other games I had.
At some point here, I got an NES at a garage sale.  It came with the original Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt with the light gun.  It also had Xevious which was a fucking hard game.  I didn't really play it that much since my SNES was so great, but it was neat to have it there.
I didn't get an N64 until about 1998, I had gotten so much use out of my SNES that I could wait.  The only game that I really wanted on that system was GoldenEye007.  Up until that point, the 3d graphics seemed like a novelty still and didn't do much for me in terms of gameplay.  But goldenEye was the game that changed it all.  It had great graphics and the single player was just as fun to play as the multiplayer.  After that game though, there was not much else to really keep me going on that system.  Super Mario 64, I got that but was not very hooked.  So I had to wait, and had played goldeneye almost exclusively for a year until 1999 when I got a few good new games.  First up was Turok 2, that game blew me away and I got it at what then seemed like a cheap 30 bucks.  The blood and gore were amazing, the graphics were also great too.  Though the gameplay seemed a little hard considering that it had a PC fps feel to it when the N64 controller wasn't fit for that.  that's why goldeneye still seemed like a better fit.  Then I got WWF Attitude.  I had recently gotten into wrestling but I was so surprised by how late the game was with the wrestlers and their personas.  Triple was still using DX music while it was obvious that should have been changed 5 months before the game came out.  But it was all made up when WWF Wrestlemania 2000 came out.  I had NFL Quarterback Club 1998 which was an impressive game and so I traded it with a friend of my dads for Wrestlemania 2000.  A great trade because I got a lot gameplay out of that cartridge.  And it was quite up to date.  Donkey Kong 64 came out later that year and I got that and was stoked.  But while the game had its moments, it was just too silly and had too much collecting to be anything near as good as the games on the SNES.  Seriously, the retard mokey, the big one and the retard monkey with the big arms pissed me off.  And the stupid rap song, it killed what otherwise seemed like a well thought out game.  The factory level was my favorite I think.
During my time with the N64, I got a GameBoy Color.  I had given my other GameBoy to my cousin on my mom's urging which I now feel was a dick move on her part.  That shit was mine, you can't just ask someone to give something up.  How could I say no?  everyone was looking.  But a few years after that incident I got the Gameboy Color with Links Awakening.  I had not played a Legend of Zelda game except for a little time on the NES one on my cousin's system.  But this game convinced me these games were some of the greatest.  It was a great game that I didn't actually finish because I got stuck in this part where a flamethrower blocked my way. I knew that I had to get the mirror shield but I just didn't know where to go.  I got Turok 2 on the GBC too, but man, did that game suck.

So about this time I felt like the N64 was running out of life.  I knew that I had missed something by not getting a Playstation and the PS2 was going to be out sometime in 2000.  But everyone was anticipating it.  Then I saw something great.  Best Buy had been running this deal where you would get a 400 rebate on a computer or anything you wanted if you signed up for 2 years of internet service with MSN.  Now, today I still think that is great deal if it were broadband, but not having had the internet before, I didn't know how slow dialup was, but still it was an opportunity.  So I convinced my parents to take them up on that and we got a dreamcast.  My computer at home was a piece of crap with 16MB of ram.  But the dreamcast had a web browser so we were ok.  Oh man, I got Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi.  Those two games were amazing and Crazy Taxi was the most fun game I had played since GoldenEye.  Now the disappointing thing is that this system was killed off not too long after I got it.  But The games that were coming out were amazing.  Never had I had a system where the games seemed to just be getting better.  NFL2k1 was an amazing purchase and I got it when it came out.  Then there was Marvel Vs Capcom 2.  And Unreal tournament.  When Sega killed the Dreamcast, I couldn't understand why people weren't getting this system.  At 150 and later at 100 dollars, this game system was a steal and the arcade games, RPGS, shooters and sports games were all there.  The Sony Hype machine was too much.

So I had to relent because no new games would come out for the dreamcast.  I had to get a PS2.  I found it to be a good system and the first game I got on it was Soul Reaver 2 because I loved the first Soul Reaver on the Dreamcast.  The DVD playing capabilities made this system pretty easy to secure its spot as the top system in my collection at the time.  But there were no remarkable games I wanted until I got Metal Gear Solid.  This game was great and the graphics blew me away.  I actually traded in Smackdown Shut your Mouth for it because that game was too simple and easy.  But it was not until GTA3 was in my collection did I see the light.  After that the next GTAs were must buys upon release.  I dont have many other noteable games that I like except maybe Medal of Honor: Frontline but GTA and Soul Reaver were what I remember.
The Xbox came into my mind because of Halo.  I remember seeing previews of it on TechTV before the Xbox came out but never played it.  I got a bit of money for my birthday in 2003, so I took it upon myself to get me an xbox.  I had to wait until I gathered enough money to get Halo with it.  Although I got a deal where it came with Tony Hawk 3.  Having played Tony Hawk before, I found myself to be really good at this game, often finishing levels on one try.  With the revert and manual, I could not be stopped.  But Halo was as good as I hoped and then some.  But with no Online Multiplayer, it was sorely lagging behind my experience with Counter Strike.  That was all fixed when I got Halo 2 but the requirement of Xbox Live kinda killed it.  They use to have those two month free trials but I didn't keep it going until later in 2005, when the Xbox 360 came out and I was sure to get that and saw all of what the Xbox would do with Xbox Live, now I was convinced.  But the 360 was so hard to find, it just didn't seem like I would get one for a while.
The Gamecube was a great system and presented me with the first Nintendo system where Nintendo games were it.  I got Rogue Squadron first with it and to this day believe it was the best looking game on that generation of consoles.  But After that, there was not much.  Zelda came out and that game was beautiful as well.  I had fun with it but was disappointed at how Nintendo was treating the whole online component of games.  Demo discs were easy to come by and those kept me entertained.  Though Resident Evil 4 and Super Smash Bros Melee were standouts as well.  I think it was a good choice to get that system especially since it was cheap.

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