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Best of 2009

TheHBK: Best of 2009

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  • Amazing graphics that are unrivaled today, fun gameplay with shooting that is greatly improved over the last game. A compelling story and great characters in Drake, Chloe and Elena. An unbelievably addicting multiplayer makes this a top contender.

  • Infinity Ward follows up Call of Duty 4 with the idea that, bigger and crazier is better. And for the most part it is. With many memorable moments in the story that raises the stakes from the first game and a multiplayer that has been expanded on 10 fold, this game was everything a Modern Warfare fan could want.

  • Beautiful graphics. Cars and tracks look astounding. The driving is fun. Simple fun. It can be too easy or it can be too hard and everything in between. It has so many car customization options that youll find yourself having to make difficult choices as to which car you want to really dig into. Then put it up for sale on the marketplace and check out what other people have made. If you love cars and racing, this game is a must.

  • While it has had disappointing sales numbers, this is a game worthy of being in every mature DS owners collection. With a well told story about revenge and betrayal typical of the GTA series and great graphics for the DS, Chinatown Wars does GTA right on a handheld that makes it standout from the PSP console imitations. And it is a game that does touch screen mini games on the DS right, a feat that so many games get wrong.

  • I was never into the super hardcore RPGs but this game makes wonder what I was missing. The gameplay is so deep and satisfying while the story seems like your generic fantasy epic, it really gets you invested in the characters and outcome of your quest. While it doesn't seem fresh, it sure is a masterpiece of role playing.

  • He is Batman. The graphics and style of this game are superb. Gritty, dirty and down right sick, the game looks the way a Batman game should. Then there is the gameplay. You feel like Batman and now understand how he could have no super powers and still kick so much ass all these years. This has set a new standard for single player games and comic book games too.

  • Bringing it back to what lots of us wanted. Adding more mechanics and suits to the Mario family. Not as good as Super Mario 3 or World, but still a great game. Though I think that has to do with the music more than anything. Can they stop with this horn thingy they like to use nowadays? But you have never had so much fun with 4 people on screen since Super Smash brothers. You will be yelling, jumping out of your seat and laughing at each other while you try to make it across the level.