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Best of 2010

TheHBK: Best of 2010

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  • Michael Jordan!!!! Yes, this has the best player on the cover, but the increased difficulty makes for a memorable game each time you play the AI or a friend. The Jordan Challenges and the presentation with live updates from the NBA and seasonal graphics, yeah this game makes you feel like you have a second NBA season to think about.

  • Just using the rope was fun! An an intriguing story and mechanics that make the guns of the old west fun to use.

  • Shepard is back and while I loved the first game more, this one has less jank so it puts this game right up there with the first game.

  • I loved the second game, and this one just takes that and makes it even better. Not hard to put this one on this list.

  • Yoshi is back and while I hate the sounds and quirks they put in since Super Mario World, this game is just great platforming with ubelieveable creativity.

  • Sam Worthington's terrible accent aside, this game actually had a story that made me want to keep playing. The action helped too. It is a complete package that while I doubt it should hold the Call of Duty name, more like CIA Duty or something, it is great game that fulfilled my shooting needs for the year.

  • Another step up in the Halo series, this is what I was waiting for, not that ODST crap. The enemies seem harder but you are still badass. Had the main characters not been capped off so easily, this game might be higher on the list.

  • Strategy games that intrigue me are few and far inbetween, but this game does it all right. Balance, actually a worthwhile story and sweet graphics that I can play on my laptop. Now if only Age of Empires 4 would be out...