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Halo and RTS fans Rejoice 0

Halo Wars takes us back to the days when the Mac actually had a worthwhile exclusive but fast forward more than ten years and we end up with a controller in our hands which happens to be made by Microsoft.  Because of the long…wait?... Halo Wars has a lot to live up to, having the Halo name and being an RTS on a console. Halo Wars is set 20 years before the first Halo game and while it makes references to events mentioned in the games and books, this game has a story all its own.  The game lets ...

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You need more than disc to enjoy this game. 0

The new air combat game from Ubisoft is one that brings its own formula to the genre and while it is lacking a few things and doesn’t push any new boundaries, it still offers a competent experience that some may enjoy. Now, I am always looking out for the next Tom Clancy game to see how much the realism the titles go for will get in the way of having fun.  I could never get into Rainbow Six because being tactical didn’t feel right in first person but I felt right at home in GRAW.  So which of th...

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A Good Game that is far from Perfect. 9

Everyone has read about this game and it has had a lot of expectations and hype since the initial E3 trailer which was claimed to be real time gameplay.  I have to say the look and feel of the game very much delivers on what we say in that first trailer, the look of the game and the feel, it is very cinematic.  The gameplay is solid while the campaign does a good job of keeping you entertained while you are offline.  Killzone 2 is not perfect, however, because of some minor flaws here and there,...

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