Best First Person Shooters

the best fps' that i likes... in per-tickler order

List items

  • despite a complete absence of any dialogue, Gordon Freeman is one of the greatest characters in gaming history. Also, this game is AWESOME... in every way.

  • F@#%ing classic, i love this f@#&ing game you C@#%'s

  • The first of the series, and still the best. looks great and handles like a dream. bleeeurgh!!!!

  • Very very close to my heart... in a purely plutonic sense... I'm not gay or anything... anyway, I nearly broke my thumbs playing this game and if you didn't also then you have no place in my new world order... not gay!

  • shit your pants scary with really good combat and a nice gripping suspense filled plot

  • During the massive flood of WWII games, this stood out among the throng as the realisation of the goal all the others where striving for. atmospheric, exciting and tragic. And also just a damn good game.

  • ridiculously open levels and almost as ridiculous plot twists made this game good, controls and combat made it g-r-r-r-reat

  • hunt down and kill Hitler with awesome(at the time) 3d graphics and "realistic" gore (i.e. none)

  • In my humble opinion, this game was a friggin' classic, and i challenge anyone who doesn't agree to a rusted circular saw fight in an abandoned military complex!!!!

  • Essentially Goldeneye with the ridiculousness factor turned up to 11. fan-smegging-tastic!