Games I liked that other people think are average.

Perhaps my opinions are broken but I like these.

List items

  • The First in the series and definitely the best..

  • KICK.. PUNCH! IT'S ALL IN THE MIND! Take you guitar hero and shove it and all related silly controllers into any orifice they will fit.

  • I loved everything about this game, the more you destroyed the angrier the main character got and, thusly, more powerful. Nice mysterious plot too, which was totally open for a sequel which never materialised.

  • I believed this to be a fantastic little shooter at the time, also, after slogging through the whole game your character got murdered at the end for no good reason. Sweet!

  • This game was AWESOME and spooky as hell!!! Seemingly very high production values, still have it on disc but can't get it to work on any modern hardware, consigned to the past forever it seems.

  • I got me a special controller just for this game which had all the buttons on the front and eventually managed to perfect Orchids 48 hit combo which I believe is the largest in the game. massive thumb blisters were my reward. ALL HAIL!!!!

  • Starts off with a nice creepy plot and develops well through third person adventuring and madcap chase sequences. Awesome!