Great games for the ZX Spectrum!

Oh Sweet Deceptive Nostalgia...

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  • This was awesome, not only did you race unconvincingly through repetitive and jerky landscapes, but also, when it loaded you got the most amazingly mangled computer generated voice which spoke the name of the game... sort of.

  • in the wake of text adventures and before the point and click adventure there was Dizzy. Dizzy the egg, Dizzy the egg who wore boxing gloves and solved mysteries and battled an evil wizard who was constantly kidnapping his family. This particular one was my favorite, what with the solution to pulling Excalibur out of the stone being to get your hands covered in some "very sticky sticky stuff". God bless Codemasters and the Oliver twins.

  • Essentially a Dizzy game with our eggy hero replaced by an alternate white orb with disconnected limbs.

  • Several games rolled in to one, little bit of 1942, plus some ballooning and silly driving. Quite confusing though, like most spectrum games.


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I've heard some particularly good things about Fantasy World Dizzy for some reason.