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"Greatest" Videogame Acting Ever

Some of the most wonderfully voiced characters in ham-fisted history.

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  • "BLOOD!. Hope this is not Chris' blood!" "Here, take this lockpick (safety pin), since you're the 'master of unlocking'" Yeeeaaah! Every thing that comes out of this ape-man's stupid mouth is f@*#ing Gold!

  • This guy is unbelievable. Possibly the best "reading off a card in a language I don't fully understand" acting in history, mm hmm hmm hmm hmm....

  • "DON'T OPEN.. THAT DOOR!" Fantastic in his oral butchery, gives Barry Burton a run for his money in Resident Evil but is pipped at the post by mister "Jill sandwich".

  • Devil May Cry's psuedo-cool protagonist, listening to this guy trying to spit out bad one-liners in badly directed cutscenes is excrutiating.

  • "DIE MONster... you don't belong in THIS world" It is a small mercy that this doofus doesn't feature heavily in the plot to Symphony Of The Night. None of the acting is top notch but this git win's out for his massive stressing of all the wrong syllables.

  • Proper awesome B-Movie villain voice and perfect intonation for maximum cheesey effect.

  • Certainly let down by the script but not helped by the fact that his voice is irritating and child-like. This horrific man-boy fails to deliver an intimidating presence. Verges on unintentionally amusing at times.

  • "Do you remember what happened on THAT day? The day the SNOW turned to rain? Did you see a BLACK car?"... what a dick