Greatest Villians!

List items

  • Seriously badass time travelling vampire overlord with a great sense of irony. BAY VICTUS!!!

  • Mad scienctist infected by his own bio-weapon. Just gets larger and more fucked up every time you see him. Plus... one big arm.

  • This guy is just awful. Only on this list because he cracks me up. Also, it seems he's massively incompetent and is constantly being defeated yet has enough cash flow to get all kinds of outlandish research and create an army of zombies. Don't his investors expect a return?

  • Does this guy even need a write-up?... Okay, crazy, creepy psychotic make-up wearing lunatic with AWESOME threads. Also, voiced by Luke "goddamn" Skywalker.

  • Also known as Ganondorf (yeah, great fucking pseudonym retard, Im sure they'll never guess it's you), he's generally a jerk and repeatedly steals princesses named Zelda (or possibly the same one, not very clear.) Also, one time he stole a busful of nuns and crashed it into a school... or something.

  • This guy is a frigging maniac. Intergalactic crow who is also a psycho who is also the nemesis of a powered up earthworm. Also, one time he took a bunch of speed and did your mother.

  • This guys so evil that one time blah blah blah your mother, blah blah blah broke into a zoo, blah blah blah and that monkey spent the rest of his short life on casters.

  • One time he made a robot out of your mother.

  • eight of your mothers, all at once, YEEEEEAAH!