Most pant-shittingly-scary games ever

Ordered by magnitude of creepification.

List items

  • The most geuinely unnerving of all games in the 'survival horror' genre. I both loved and hated playing this game. I hated it because it scared me sick, and I loved it because... it scared me sick.

  • Seriously great and well executed jump-scares, coupled with truly creepy and realistic sound design make this game a wonderfully palm sweating experience. Excellent gameplay too. My favourite third person shooter on xbox360 so far.

  • Brilliantly designed environment for the time plus nine inch nails sound effects and lots of dried blood made this a visually striking and terrifying experience for my young impressionable mind.

  • Partially inspired by "the fall of the house of usher", I very much enjoyed this strange, slightly Lovecraft-ian story of beings from another dimension and the destruction of an old family. Great characters and terrifying enemies really held the narrative together, plus the lighting effects and sound design making for a consistently tense experience. Nice and freaky!

  • Little grey babies with knives, clawed, bloodsoaked teddy bears and horribly deformed healthcare staff burned the experience of playing this otherworldly creepfest into my brain forever.

  • Plot-wise and atmosphere-wise, this game remains the crowning achievement in the Resident Evil franchise. Licker jumping through interrogation room window: AAAAAARGH!!!!! also zombies are scary too...

  • Lots of dark corners and ghostly apparitions of children screaming and mumbling at you in hissy voices, coupled with some very well designed enemy combat made this a real trouser wetter