Most Unpleasant Enemies

The most munting munters of them all!

List items

  • Basically 'The Thing', all of these dudes are well nasty. Great creepy walk.

  • The personification of guilt who rapes and murders other hideously deformed monsters... 'nuff said.

  • Starts off a pretty normal generic scientist. By the end of Resident Evil 2 he has become a huge shapeless mass of flesh and teeth inclusive of massively corrosive vomitus. YEEEEAH!!!

  • Whatever the hell you do, don't wake this bitch up... EVER!

  • Skinless, brain exposed and can eviscerate you with his tongue. Also he walks on the ceiling and makes horrible noises.

  • Big horrible messed up giant spider bastard with a really creepy voice. Not very nice at all.