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Oh, that's not how that works, is it? I stumbled onto Giant Bomb through the guys over at Rebel FM (Arthur Gies mentioned it's the funniest podcast he listens to, so I had to give it a shot) and it turns out I have another connection to the fellas in that I'm friends with a guy who helped put together this very website (what up, Django?). I'm a huge fan of sites that display their character for all to see and no gaming site exudes this quite like Giant Bomb. As this is now my main gaming home (sorry, 1up), I figured I'd make a footprint here.
Currently I'm playing through Just Cause 2 on the 360, inFAMOUS on PS3, and Cave Story on WiiWare (loved the Quick Look the guys did on that one, drove me to pick that game up, highly recommended). Look for looks at these games and more in the future!