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Play it fresh or savor the flavor?

The style with which I play my games has been bothering me in recent years, pretty much since the advent of the podcast. It seems that these gaming shows, Giant Bombcast included, are so intent on covering what's new and fresh that I, as an avid follower, want to keep up with them so that I feel like I'm in on the conversation. This drives me to play the latest and greatest games, which as we all know is a pricey proposition, especially when the prices of games drop drastically within two or three months of the initial release. I'm trying to alter this play style to include other old, but great games that I never got around to, ignoring the hot items of the day in lieu of enjoying games for what they are. 
But I'm curious, what style of play do you enjoy? Do you play everything fresh and rush it back to GameStop to earn points towards the next big hit? Or do you take it slow and savor each game, not caring how old it is or how dated the conversation about it might be?