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Best of 2010

mdnytecartunr: Best of 2010

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  • Rockstar cannot be beaten when they are on top of their game and this Wild West take on the open world genre is their best since GTA III reinvented things years ago. Something to do around every corner, rock, and bush, and a story that could possibly offer up the best ending in a video game ever, this game showed what is possible when just about anything in the game IS possible.

  • Take the fun and ingenuity of the first game and multiply it by whichever number greater than 100 you would like. Nintendo at its very finest, can we please have number 3 sometime this year?

  • If I could measure how long I've played this game, I can almost guarantee that it would rank as my most played game of 2010. Quick, addictive, fun, satisfying, the iOS gem had it all and they just keep offering up more free content. How can you possibly say no at this point?

  • More Assassin's Creed in the vein of the second game is never, ever a bad thing and this game brought it big, with a new campaign essential to the story as well as a new take on multiplayer gaming that I HAVEN'T EVEN TOUCHED YET. Putting this on my list without even experiencing all that it has to offer speaks to the quality of what I HAVE sampled thus far.

  • Never has so much been done in gaming with so little. No cutscenes, no QTEs, just a boy and his horrifying, magical journey to continue walking to the right. The puzzles were a joy to figure out as well, offering frustrating moments aplenty with answers that reveal themselves right when you're ready to turn to an FAQ.

  • It's got moves that are more suited for ladies, but this is THE game that proved the Kinect is a viable new technology that will possibly change the face of gaming when it is placed in the right hands. I could play this for hours if my body allowed me to.

  • It's right in the title and expansions to this addictive iOS game only made it that much harder to tear myself away from. Adjustable tilt sensitivity and angle make it playable in any situation.

  • Man, what a God of War-like God of War game. Kidding aside, while this game did very little to move the franchise forward in terms of mechanics or creativity, the jaw-dropping visuals and thrilling, larger-than-gods battles made this a wild ride from start to finish.

  • Though I screwed myself on taking the advice of Bungie themselves and played through "the way it was meant to be played", this was still an incredible ride that ended with a fantastic and satisfying wrap-up to the developer's work on the franchise. Had I not already sold this game back because online multiplayer just isn't my thing, this would have rated much higher on my list.

  • Not a perfect, or even great, game by any means, but this game got me back into the dungeon crawling, action/RPG facet of gaming that had been missing for so long from my playlist. Having a slot for my wife to jump in and help out here and there only helped make this a fun playthrough.