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E3 2010 Must Have List

These are the games I have no doubt I will be picking up on day one. Nearly every other is a question mark of varying degrees.

List items

  • If the rumors hold true, this will be my game of E3. If not, then it will likely still be another Zelda game I purchase.

  • Big, stupid fun with guns from the minds behind Gears. What's not to like?

  • The original PSOne Hot Pursuit was one of my favorite racing games of all time, and I hope this is just more of that outrageous fun. The Criterion name certainly doesn't hurt things.

  • Day one purchase, I want the Minority Report-style navigation and my wife and I will surely have a blast with the co-op stuff.

  • It's a Nintendo system. Besides the Virtual Boy, I've owned every iteration of every system they've ever put out.

  • Can't find the entry for the new one, but it's been leaked, looks quite real, and will be a must have, if only as a walk down memory lane of my first experience in multiplayer deathmatches.