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Ghost Trick: Inhabit a Great Story With Interesting Mechanics 0

Upon first starting up Ghost Trick, the first thing that impresses is the graphics. Simple and understated models are the name of the game here, but the fluidity of the sprite animation (or is it polygonal? Too good to tell) is amazing, bringing the characters to life in ways that I haven't before seen on the DS. The characters appear fairly large on the screen, fitting since the wacky yet grounded cast is the main draw here.  So how do the gameplay mechanics lose to the writing in a game that's...

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Gorgeous, hilariously savage, but lacking any true innovation 0

Let it be known that after the release of God of War III, the practice of upgrading graphics and carrying over the same tired mechanics shall be known as... SUCCESS! At least as far as the market is concerned. Yes, this journey with Kratos through the trenches of days-old warfare is a beautiful one, but the same frustrations from the first two games in terms of combat and mechanics (quick-time events are lazy gameplay tricks and need to be innovated on before... oh, it's too late) have been carr...

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Fun (if glitchy) open-world, superpowers and frustrating enemy AI 0

Though I didn't actually finish inFAMOUS out of pure frustration, my time with the game was generally positive. The expansive city provides lots of collecting opportunities, all essential if you want to be the best (or worst) man you can be. The Crackdown-like collecting of shards to increase your power/life bar is a good incentive at first, but eventually it just breaks down to an OCD grabfest (gotta catch 'em all!).   Missions offer a decent variety and  the steady pace with which Cole earns h...

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