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Great blog, teamwork, when it happens as it should is great, I saw it a few times in BFBC2, I think there were two maybe three rounds where the squad I was in worked really well as a tight unit, not only were we spotting and covering each others back, supplying, reviving and providing spawn points for each other, we were also swapping weapons in order to replace fallen squad members, eg. Medic died so someone swapped class in order to revive said medic who was then able to supply ammo due to the class swap etc... It was a beautiful thing to see, but like opening oysters and looking for pearls I had to play many rounds to see such bounty.

The Sunday night sessions that AhmadMetallic and friends put on are a great way to meet players that want to play the objectives as a team, they are a lot of fin if you can get to them, which I can't, and I find that BF3 at all other times is just not as fun so I tend to stick to CoD:MW3, but hope to get back on the BF3 Platoon games soon.

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I wouldn't be able to play FPS games on a controller and I'd struggle with racing games or games like Assassin's Creed using Keyboard and mouse, so it really depends on the game.

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@dagas said:

At 1920x1080, ultra settings, 4xAA and 16xAF BF3 demands a lot. According to the Swedish site sweclockers you only get 48fps with a GTX580 and a 560Ti only gets 27fps. You need a GTX 590 or HD6990 to get over 60fps. 560 has 68fps at 1080p, medium settings and no AA or AF. So If you plan on playing BF3 on ultra then you need a lot more than a 560.

Also BF3 demands a lot of video RAM. 1GB of VRAM is absolute minimum. 1.5 or 2GB is preferable.

Here is a link. the text is in Swedish but the numbers and graphs speak for themselves

I have a Phenom II X4 965 clocked at 3.9ghz, running 8gb RAM and an HD6990 and have found that with Ultra settings at 1920x1080 it runs around 70fps quite comfortably and MSI afterburner keeps the temps down to 78 degrees C but the noise is a killer, if you want to get that sort of performance then I would suggest either 2x 560Ti, 2x6950 or maybe 2x6970 if your budget can stretch that far and your case has adequate cooling for it, I think 1 fan to cool 2 GPUs is woefully inadequate and think that a 2x6970 is a quieter option.

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I have a question about resupplying ammo, do you guys know when you are getting an ammo/health refresh due to an ammo/health pack having been dropped near you?

Also, can we get this thread stickied please?

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@AhmadMetallic said:

@Contro: Are you gonna add our tips to the OP anytime soon.. ?

That would be cool, or maybe make a wiki for tips and tricks etc....

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My few tips:

You don't have to be a good player to be a good squad member, if you can stay close to the action and not get killed for long enough you become a mobile spawn point for the rest of your squad, this is something that I learnt from AhmamMetallic when I managed to get through an entire 30+ minute round and only racked up about 6 kills, I thought I did badly but he said just by my staying in touch with the action he was able to spawn on me on many occassions and that made it easier for him.

Use your map, lots of friendlies dying in a specific area is a good indication of enemy activity, approach that area with caution, don't sprint in, even if you do have a defib kit, remember a dead first aider is no good to anyone. Sometimes it's better to stay alive so your squad mates can spawn on you, see above. But don't be a coward either, if you can see the action has cleared for you to get to that body, then freaking well get to it, with time it becomes easier to make the right judgement call.

Sometimes run and prone gets you closer to your squad mates making it easier to resupply/heal/defib.

If there are four of you all facing one direction, maybe someone should watch everyone elses backs.

My Karate kid tip is a good one, don't get hit.

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@SpaceInsomniac: Thanks for that, though I thought it was Beachhead and not Infinity Ward that were managing the Elite and stats features.

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Nice vids, thanks for those. For the first time, I'm seriously thinking about getting a CoD game, some of the MP videos I have seen look like loads of fun, but all of the CoD:Elite features seem to be for console players, these don't appear to be available for PC players on this front!

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@SlasherMan said:

@TheKeyboardDemon: Well, I'm glad you took another look at the data presented. I have no hate for either AMD or Intel, and as far as I'm concerned I have no corporate allegiances. I was genuine however when I said before that I was rooting for AMD and really hoping they would come through on everything they've promised, because the market REALLY needs it by now. I was a bit too hopeful perhaps, hoping that Bulldozer would perhaps be another Athlon 64, but I suppose that was foolish of me. The signs were all there even before the official reviews, AMD execs leaving right before launch, AMD starting to hype up Piledriver even before Bulldozer was out, the leaked benches which turned out to be factual, etc.

The sad thing is that their big comeback isn't going to happen in the foreseeable future if their current plans are anything to go by. Annual improvements of 10-15% to the architecture will not be enough to keep up with Intel I'm afraid.

Yeah, it's annoying, it isn't the first time I went back to the data, nor second of third, it was only when I stopped looking at the results and started looking at the methods that I saw the issues, I wasn't reading it wrong though, I just wasn't looking beyond the picture to examine the frame!

It is really sad that the comeback has not been been the big return we were hoping for, the small percentage improvement has not given us a great chip of value, I could swap out my X4 for a £148 X6 1100T and achieve a better overall improvements in the things that matter most to me than I could with a £199 FX8150 and I find it hard to believe that the FX8170 will give me much more. sigh!