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Games I have been playing recently or intend to play soon

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  • After giving up before, I tried it again when I got my new graphics card, I'm starting to like the game, it's a grower.

  • A great game on the iPhone, helps train journeys pass by.

  • Sometimes I like to get behind the wheel of a powerful car, go for a cruise and destroy things! lol

  • Even though there is a technically better version of this game, CS still has a massive following, I think this is down to the easy to use server software that anyone can use to set up a server, apply mods and then wait to be noticed.

  • I had my own server for this game, I was running gun game with RPG mode, it was a great way to play, I even got some friends on the forum I used at the time, to help with admin, testing and development. Fun times!

  • Just started again. It's 1 that's worth going back to, from time to time. Not playing the main game just messing around with the side quests.

  • Not played this 1 yet, but it looks good, I'll try it when I have time...

  • Sometime it's nice to play something that's not quite so arcadey, but not too serious either, this has a great blend of sim and light racer if you want to play it that way or sometimes you can turn off the driver aids and get the real sim experience.

  • A great game for the Wii, great when all I want to do is chill out for a few minutes.

  • This game is so much fun, and so tiring, I was out of breath, drenched in sweat and my abs felt like I had been doing a 20 minutes situp session.

  • A very absorbing Facebook game.

  • Definitely 1 of the best games to hit the Wii.

  • The first game I have pre-ordered in a long, long time. Really loving the game so far but not sure why a game with so much hype about the online features has so little in the way of community features, I can't even send PMs to friends, never mind things like saying gg at the end of a race.

  • I completed this game twice, and loved it each time.

  • A great idea, and could have been so much better with some decent anti cheat measures.

  • I had this way back when it was first released, I even managed to complete a few of the worlds but never completed the game, so I thought I'd get it now and try it again.

  • Another great Wii game with excellent online features.

  • The Motion Plus makes a big difference.

  • Never played a WoW game, but I might try this 1 when it comes out.