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Most Wanted of E3 2010

A list of games, equipment and general "stuff" that I want coming out of E3.

List items

  • The most exciting thing out of E3, I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a new console. Can't wait to get my hands (and eyeballs) on one.

  • The biggest surprise of the show, and the best looking. An amazing high-level concept that (hopefully) will offer various modes of world manipulation for a beautiful and charming 2D-style platformer.

  • Speaking of 2D gameplay, I am so happy that things like New Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter IV have proven that strong game design and clever graphics can make gameplay the exists on a single plane can be a great experience still. Between the above Kirby games, Donkey Kong Country Returns, the new Mortal Kombat and even smaller downloadable titles like Lost in Shadows, there seems to be a renaissance of games that operate as direct descendants of the 1980s finest.

  • I was fascinated but a bit skeptical about the possibility of Mickey Mouse platformer from the dude who made Deus Ex, but between the Nintendo Presser and various, passionate interviews from Spector, I am a full believer and want to thin the world away.

  • Between an amazing sense of art direction, a fascinating setting and mechanics that make it more than "Shoot man in face" simulator #342, XCOM is silently becoming one of the most fascinating shooters out there.

  • Portal is on my short-list of greatest games ever made, so the very fact that a sequel exists is enough to get me excited. Add the fact that early reports seem to suggest that all the things that made the first game amazing (head-bending puzzles, a narrative with both pithy and somehow emotional, art style that is a story in and of itself) are remaining and being improved, and you have a game that is primed to blow my mind...or break my heart.

  • The most traditional of the shooters I'm stoked for, but it does intrigue me all the same. Visually it is impressive, both artistically and technically, and the claim of true-open-world play gives me tinges of the Alternate Reality I've been waiting for. Just hope that Crytek's history of starting strong before running out of ideas is finally put to rest.