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Best of 2009

My top 10 of 2009. I still need to play Dragon Age and some other stuff, but I'll get there eventually and have no doubt that there are many more games out there.

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  • How the hell could this not be on my list?

  • This game is so strong, intense, and innovative. Jesus Christ I loved this game. The story, the atmosphere, and even the gameplay. Kudos to the guys who worked on this, they did a great job.

  • This game is amazing. Really, all I can say is that man it's awesome. I love everything about this, but rather than hate, I just wish some things were there, like more npcs like citizens or something, and a more open online feature. But to hell with that, without it, I still love this game and have a huge amount of fun. Damn this game is stylish!

  • I tend to hate alot of the music in this game, but the game is so innovative, creative, interesting, and fun for me to care. Not enough Beck, imho though

  • A nostalgic throwback to old school GTA and just an overall fun experience makes this game... f*cking cool :D

  • Something about this game reminded me of Amped 3 with Burnout.... that's an amazing thing

  • While it was repetitive, I enjoyed this game way too much to not put it on here

  • Still playing this... this game is awesome, nuff said.

  • Fun, prolonged play, and plenty of content. While it wasn't the most... well... you know... Also besides it not being too different from Resident Evil 4 (which is a shame... I would've just taken a 360 version of that haha), this game was still plenty of fun on said buns.

  • So much fun here... that's really it this game gives me fun in very creative ways and when I play, it's as hectic as it was in the quick look

  • Charm.