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Weapons and Items I'd have in a Video Game

If I ever created a video game, it'd be like Silent Hill plus Dead Rising plus MMO elements. In the main story, I'd have very specific weapons, because I'm anal like that. LOLOLOLOLOL-

List items

  • A CO2 compressed nail gun would take the place of the sub machine gun. It'd be slow, but strong. Plus, it could be used as a tool, and fixes 75%.

  • The carbine, or semi-automatic, weapon in the game. Moderately strong, and reliable. The scope is for optional use, and it's a good go-to weapon.

  • Stock, which will steady the aiming, is optional, and you can switch between pump and semi-automatic. Ridiculously strong, considering it's a shotgun, but it's only really effective at close range.

  • .357 Smith and Wesson Magnum, just like in the picture. It'd work like the magnum in Half Life 2.

  • Again, like Half Life 2, the crossbow would be the sniper rifle of the game. Bolt Action, with an optional use scope.

  • Somewhat light, and will always kill on first swing. Or at least take them out... they're not going to get up any time soon, that's what I'm saying.

  • Violently strong, but slow. A good balance for the other weapons.

  • Quick, and cuts shit up. The ultimate of the "game" I day dream about making.

  • An old standard that John Locke was never without. An excellent close range reliability.

  • Violent, and it works. We know this from Left 4 Dead 2 and Shaun of the Dead.

  • This would be a part of the inventory, or backpack. You store different health items in here.

  • Filled with liquid of health sort, this would be the highest giving health source in the game. It will give you full health, or at least close to it.

  • This health item is known by almost all, and it saves more skins than we'd like to admit. Gives 75% health

  • Silent Hill fans know the noise and know the effect. Similar to this, a health concoction, or serum of some sort would be the next effective health resource. Gives 50% health

  • Next effective, as well as next reference to a survival/horror game. This spray will give you 35% health.

  • Always helpful. This also coincides with band-aids from Deadly Premonition! Trusty, and enough to keep you going! This will give you 20% health.

  • Part of your inventory, which would hold various tools.

  • Handy, and that John guy had one. Fixes 20%

  • Fixes 35%, and is a famous weapon. This is also one of the best melee weapons, because Old Boy is awesome.

  • Similar to the Battlefield Bad Company one, this tool will fix and kill. Fixes 50%

  • The ultimate tool. Can you get enough of it? Fixes 100%