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Mo Money, Mo Money 0

If you love Left 4 Dead, buy this thing. This is all I can really say. As someone who does indeed like Left 4 Dead, this was a bit of a disappointment. Considering that the new campaign is only 3 chapters long, I felt a bit cheated. 2 new weapons and 3 chapters that just lead so a more intense version of the ending of Dead Center? Don't get me wrong, it was fun as hell, for a little. After a while I kept on dying, because the ending is so goddamned big that people keep on splitting up, resulting...

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Awesome story w/ great gameplay, backed by bad tech. problems 0

   CONS: -Really glitchy -Graphics are not… good -Loading screens get really annoying and tedious, plus there’s like only 5 of them, and they get tiresome of looking at -Not enough info until it’s actually needed -Not the best sound design -Dialogue from in game AI is on demand, there is no flow (start and stop, for proper situations) -Animations for certain factions are funny, but it’s just dumb seeing them pulled during a class or something -Some Animations aren’t pulled off well -D...

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Zombie games these days have been getting pretty tired. There are those that have you grab a gun and KILL KILL KILL; then there are those that have you corridor crawl and hope an infected dog doesn't pop through the window in front of you. Infected for the Play S Portable is an arcade style shoot 'em up, but is an extremely special one. It should definitely be looked at, if not bought (a good choice, if so) at its current $9.99 price tag. Infected puts you in the shoes of Officer Stevens. Steve...

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Survival Horror at it's finest with some mind blowing moments 0

    After Resident Evil 4, I felt a little hole in my heart... I wanted more of that experience. When Dead Space was announced, I was like "F*CK YEAH!!!" while others were disappointed at the fact it is Resident Evil 4 in space. It's out and I gotta say... It is one hell of a game. Generally speaking, as far as horror games go, this isn't the scariest. While it had its moments, horror is not the strong point. Dead Space's highlights are it's combat, the fact that cutscenes unseemingly move into ...

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The Grand-Daddy of Guitar Hero 0

This game is amazing fun. It's like Guitar hero but with 3 "frets" or "targets". You switch between 5-6 instrument tracks, turning them on one by one. You do this the whole song basically, and it is uber fun!A great setlist with lots of fun songs (Weezer, Run DMC, etc.). You can create your own avatar or "Freq" and he basically plays the instrument your working on at the moment. There is another option where you can remix all of the songs in the game and this is EXTREMELY fun! You can share your...

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Exciting story and pretty good action 0

I personally enjoyed this game way too much haha. The story is really in-depth and its kind of exciting. The voice acting may be kind of weak but that wont stop you. The graphics are decent and the games design is really cool. The action comes in like a normal FPS. The weapons look really cool, but some flaws (dual shotguns, but non dual-able pistols? in the words of Gob Bluth, COME ON) are there. Other than that, the game isnt really that difficult, but it can be if you let it. This game needs ...

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A Hilarious Extreme Sports Game! 0

This game has a hilarious story that will keep you wanting to play (like Ryan says, kinda like Metal Gear). The graphics may not be the best, but whos complaining? The soundtrack is HUGE!!!!! and Its filled with great music spanning all genres! This plays like any skateboarding game with trick varieties but it feels...thicker =P. The story has several missions that keep the games variety intact. The mountains are HUGE and you can explore almost every single inch! Then the story comes in. The sto...

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