Day 1 with a Playstation Vita.

I know at this point the device isn't something most of you are really looking for impressions of the device at this point, but I figured I'm sitting at work and I'm kinda bored so why not tap out how I've been feeling about the device.

I picked up the device at the end of the 22nd, EB Games was selling the Assassins Creed and CoD Black Ops bundles for $199.99, unfortunately I waited to long and all of the AssCreed bundles had been purchased so I've been left with Black Ops (I'll get to that later). In fairly standard Sony fashion I have to say the device has absolutely excellent build quality, the weight of it and the construction is top notch, screen and sound quality are also among the best I have seen in a handheld device. I don't have any technical info for you, just what I see with my eyes and I think it's clear to see that the Vita won't suffer the same problems the PSP did in that the screen was hideous within a year.

The software side is where I feel things with the Vita have a big chance of being very interesting, with the device I picked up physical copies of Persona 4 Golden and Metal Gear Solid Collection. Persona 4 obviously plays like Persona, but what really blows me away is how close the Metal Gear collection comes to playing like their console counterparts. This device more than any other has the equipment to bring games on the road that don't give up a tonne just to be on a handheld.

The ugly side to the software was recently demonstrated in Call of Duty Black Ops, based on the trailers and the lack of an E3 showing I knew what I was in for and I wasn't exactly surprised by what I got. The problem with CoD is far worse than just that it's a bad game with a popular franchise on the box it's entirely the price and how nothing about the game seems to have had any effort go into it. $49.99 is highway robbery for this, and I can't see any rational person who picks that game up not feeling like they have been legitimately abused. The ones feeling the most abused I feel will be somewhat leery about the idea of plopping down $49.99 on a handheld game.

Who is the Vita for? Anyone who enjoys video games for more than just a mindless time sink. It's a great device, and if you do enjoy games on the go no phone is ever going to come close to bringing the kind of experiences that the Vita can. It was $200 incredibly well spent, and I really can't suggest this thing enough to anyone who considers themselves a "real" gamer who wants to play more than simple/poorly controlled touch based games AND isn't subject to the EU's ridiculous pricing and wants to play more than one game.


My experiences with the Modern Warfare 2 Steam Free weekend.

I, like many of you am a long time Call of Duty player I remember the day the Call of Duty  SP demo was released, refreshing the browser waiting for the demo to pop up. Call of Duty, was a fantastic game and I was glad that the console community got to experience it with the release of Modern Warfare 2(Vouchers, and later on XBL/PSN).  After Call of Duty, I continued to support the franchise on the PC and later console releases (CoD3, CoD4/ WaW on PS3 and 360, gotta play with your console friends.)  but the core of my effort was always with the PC version.  
Over the 7 years of Call of Duty I got half way decent at it, I do not claim to be the best in the world because I know I am far from it but on both the console and PC versions of the game it would be rare to see me anywhere below 3rd on my team. During my longest stint with a clan, I earned the nick name ManiHac a running joke that I was "cheating".  I have never cheated in my life, to me it defeats the purpose of playing a game, learning and getting better is what drives me to play games and FPS in general. When I joined the Modern Warfare 2 Free weekend, it took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to be accused of cheating (A new record for a new game for me.). 
What bothers me isn't that I was accused of cheating, I know I don't and the people who I play with regularly know I don't so thats no big deal. But the mindset that has seized the community in Call of Duty does kinda bother me. In early Call of Duty games on the PC an accusation wouldn't be a common occurrence, once a month or 2 sounds about right a major pain in the butt when you are part of a clan that has a mandatory investigation and forces screenshots randomly. The volume of accusations and the....tasteful language used to describe me was shocking to say the least, every play session came with more accusations and more un enjoyable games of whining because you might just be better.
Are their so many cheaters present in Modern Warfare 2 on the PC that this kind of irrational witch hunting is warranted? What is Valve (VAC) and Infinity Ward doing about this? Peer 2 Peer in my experience in other games and the MW2 free weekend is still poor, why does it seem less smooth then the PS3 or 360 version? Who thought dual wielding was cool or a good idea?  Why no lean? I don't know how many times I knifed when I was trying to lean right, I don't buy the balance excuse.
 I boycotted Modern Warfare 2 on the PC as I pledged to do on the petition for dedicated servers, no dedi's no 60 dollars from me.  I understand a lot of people bought Modern Warfare 2 because they enjoyed Call of Duty and either didn't know or didn't care about the Peer 2 peer online system. But you look me in my pixelated blog and tell me they didn't drastically neuter what Call of Duty was on the PC. It hasn't kept people from pirating, cheating or any of the things it set out to do but be a conduit for you to spend 15 dollars on 5 maps. So I just really want to know, think it was worth it?